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The university Council held its emergency Session No. (86) On 11/7/2017

The President of the University 11.07.2017 24436

          The university Council held its emergency Session no. (86) On Tuesday 11/7/2017On, in the meeting hall of the Public Administration of the University under the chairmanship of prof.dr./ Mamdouh Ne’matallah-the acting President of the University, the University vice presidents, the faculties’ deans, the University general secretary and the council was also attended by prof.dr. / Mamdouh Soufan – the University Former President, a member of the University Council from outside, and prof.dr. / Fekry Salem - Member at the Engineering Consulting Center (Mansoura University).

         prof.dr. / Mamdouh Ne'matallah started the session welcoming the attendance as well as prof.dr. / Fekri Salem, member of the Engineering Consulting Center, The Council discussed the procedures for starting preparing the Faculty of Engineering Damietta University in terms of academic and administrative structure as a statement of places, classrooms and laboratories was presented.

As we will work with the Faculty of Engineering at Mansoura University regulations which issued by ministerial decision no. (2210)


Teaching Programs

1- Mechanical power engineering.

2- Statistical Engineering.

3- Electrical Engineering.


Academic structure, the process of transforming and delegating from different universities

Administrative structure, transforming and delegating by advertising on the university site

The University Council ended at 3:30 pm.

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