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Webometrics Ranking Web July 2017

E-Portal 10.08.2017 27453

             With the announcement of the Universities World Ranking results (Webometrics version July 2017) Damietta University achieved very good progress compared with the previous ranking, despite the recent establishment among the world universities, where it gets the rank no. (3883) globally out of more than (26000) University and Institute it is noteworthy that the previous evaluation in January 2017 edition was the ranking no. (7134)  globally.

            And for the classification of Webometrics for Google Scholar activity for the highest scientific citations (Google Scholar Citation for July 2017) , The University got the position  of ( 1828 )globally by scientific citations ( 15062)  in more than 5000 university and institute at the same activity.

           Webometrics is one of the largest international rankings systems for evaluating universities. It covers more than 25000 University and Institute globally, issued once every six months, it evaluates two basic elements: the quality of the university's website and the quality of scientific research (scientific journals and citations).

This progress – with praise to Allah - is a good sign that the university is on the right path of the global competition despite the modernity of the university, The University still needs more and more work from all its members (faculty staff members, students and employees) to meet the challenges in order to increase their progress and reach the best position among the universities.

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