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Following up the workflow at the university new campus

The President of the University 26.09.2017 9985

              Prof. Dr. / Elsayed Mohamed Da'dor, President of the University, visited the university new campus at the educational and constructional  level on Tuesday 26-9-2017, where he inspected the educational process and the regularity of lectures on time according to the educational schedule .

              Also he met a group of staff members and students who are inside the campus ,then listened to their problems  to overcome any obstacles they may face , then went  to hall  (A - B) stage three  to follow up the workflow where the work is underway to be finished , he emphasized on the importance of taking care of the preparations for safety and occupational health, he also inspected the beautification process of the first stage , pouring the concrete  as well as the infrastructure and paving operations inside the university.

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