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The Council of the University held its session # 96 on 29/1/2018

The President of the University 29.01.2018 8792

          On Monday, 29/1/2018, at 10 am, the University Council held in its 96th session as the first meeting of the Council in the new campus of the University. Headed by ,the  President of the University Prof , Dr El Sayed Dadour in the presence of  Prof ,Dr . Abd El-Hamid Taha , the Governor of Damietta,  Dr. Mamdouh Soufan, Dr. Ramadan Abdel-Hamid El-Tantawy, former university presidents ,Dr.  Mamdouh Nematallah - Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, deans and a number of Regulators and a number of the  Civil community representatives, and the Secretary General of the University, Eng. Mohamed Ragab - head of the building and  construction of New Damietta, and the University Student Union.

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