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The 10th session of the university teacher preparation program, Faculty of Education.

Community Service Affairs 06.05.2018 5655

        Prof.dr./Abdul hamid Abdulfattah Khedr- vice president for community service &environmental development opened the 10th  session of the university teacher preparation program at the Faculty of Education on Sunday 6/5/2018 at 10 :  30 am. which will continued until Thursday  10/5/2018.with the presence of prof./Ashraf Abdul Aziz Albendary -  director of the university development center , prof./ Abdulnaser Anis – Education faculty’s vice dean for community service &environmental development and prof./Ferial Abu Seta – professor of teaching methods at Education faculty.

          The vice president began the session with welcoming the attendees and thanking the programmers wishing them all success , then the attendees welcomed and congratulated him and started the program works after taking a group photo .

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