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Opening Art Exhibition at Egypt Public Library - Damietta.

Community Service Affairs 06.05.2018 16654

       Prof.dr./Ismael Abdu Elhamid Taha – Damietta governor, opened the  art exhibition at Egypt Public Library- Damietta ,today at 6/5/2018 at 12 : 00 pm. With the presence of the ambassador/ Abdu Elraouf Elreedy – the chairman of   Egypt Public Library council . The Exhibition  was organized by the faculty of Applied Arts in cooperation with Egypt Public Library and continued until next Wednesday .

        The exhibition also was attended by Prof.dr./Abdul hamid Abdulfattah Khedr- vice president for community service &environmental development ,the ambassador /Reda Altaefy -  Director of Egypt Public Libraries Fund, Mr./Ahmed Aman – the general coordinator of  Egypt Public Libraries ,prof./ Hatem Idris – Applied Arts’ dean ,prof./ Mahdia  Elnagar – Applied Arts’ vice dean for community service &environmental development and prof./Abdulnaser Anis – Education faculty’s vice dean for community service &environmental development.

        The attendees saw the exhibition works  of hand products , paintings, Textiles and accessories by Applied Arts’ students . The governor also expressed his admiration for the exhibition works that shows the artistic and creative sense of the students . The Governor thanked them for their work and presented his  greetings and thanks to prof./El Sayed Mohamed Da’dor- the university president for his important role in developing community . 

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