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The third meeting of the university website’s revising committee.

E-Portal 14.03.2019 10579

          A committee specialized in English composed of Prof.Dr./  El Sayed Mohamed Dador – the university president, for revising the content of the university and the faculties’ website , held its third meeting on Thursday  14/03/2019 at 1 : 00 pm.   , Under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. /Mohamed Abdu Ragheb Amasha, director of the e - portal project at Damietta University .

With the presence of :-

1.      Dr./Enas Mohamed Arafa Farahat . Lecturer at the faculty of Education.

2.      Dr. /Amany Abdu El Aziz El diasty. Lecturer at the faculty of Arts .

3.      Mr./ Abdu Al Rahman Ragab . Developing director at E- portal project.

4.      Mrs./Samar Atya Elshaer. Translator at E- portal project .

5.      Mrs./Nada Asad Abdu Al Salam. Journalist at E- portal project .

The meeting included what was achieved in the previous period and put a work plan for the coming period.


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