Seminar about Fulbright’s commission programs

Added date : 28.02.2017 Category : The President of the University

        A workshop was held at the Faculty of Science, conference hall, to identify Fulbright’s programs for the graduate studies students and faculty members on Tuesday, 28.02.2017, under the auspices of Prof.dr. / Mamdouh Mohamed Neamatallah – the acting president of Damietta University, under the supervision of Prof. dr. / Tarek Mohamed Abu El-Maati, the Vice President for Education & Student Affairs and the coordinator of the workshop Prof.dr. / Ahmed Elsayed El tahan with the presence of Prof.Dr. / Mahmoud Salem - Dean of the Faculty of Science, with some of the faculty members and their assistants, the workshop was lectured by:-

Dr.Maggie Nassif, the Executive Director of the Binational Fulbright Commission in Egypt.

Dina Gaafar, Egypt Program Coordinator the Binational Fulbright Commission in Egypt

The workshop included four programs as follows:-

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