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A field visit to the military hospital at New Damietta

The President of the University 07.03.2017 14395

        By the invitation of the colonel / Tarek Abdel Moez Ahmed, director of the military hospital and in coordination with the colonel / Walid Farghali Director of the Military communication Department at the university, the university delegation headed by Prof. Dr. / Mamdouh Neamatallah - the acting president of the university , Prof. Dr.  /Elsayed Da'dor- the Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, Prof. Dr. / Tarek M. Abu El-Maati – the Vice President for Education & student Affairs and Eng. / Alaa Elsayed the university general secretary visited the military hospital at New Damietta.

         During the visit, there was a documentary film about the hospital and what were the medical possibilities available with the newest equipments in which they can better serve the university and the outside society, there was an initial agreement on a cooperative protocol between the university and the hospital for the treatment of the faculty staff members, the university employees, as well as the university students.

           The delegation inspected the hospital to see its departments, rooms, the medical devices and the recovery room.

           There was an agreement between the university and the hospital to complete the contracting procedures.

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