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Damietta University students’ winning in creativity (5) competition

The President of the University 30.04.2017 12113

          Prof.dr. /Mamdouh Mohamed Ne'matallah, the acting President of the University and prof.dr. / Tarek Mohamed Abu El Maati, Vice President for Education & Student Affairs, honored the university students who won at the competition of creativity (5), on Thursday 30/4/2017 they are :

1.      Fatma Abdalla Maarouf (3rd year - Faculty of Arts - Department of Ancient Egyptian Antiquities) won the first place of non-specialist television correspondent.

2.      Mona Mohamed Nagi (4th year - Faculty of Applied Arts - Textile Printing Department) won the first place of Caricature.

3.      Nariman Safwat Abdul Hadi (4th year - Faculty of Specific Education - Department of Art Education) won the first place of art works.

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