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Job Vacancy at Faculty of Commerce

Vacancies 26.11.2012 426

Damietta university offers job vacancy for position of faculty registrar at Faculty of Commerce From inside or outside the university in accordance with the provisions of Law No. (5) of 1991 and its implementing regulations issued by the Prime Minister (1596) of 1991 and amended by resolution No. (781) of 2010.

1- Bachelor's degree
2- two years experience
3- experince in his field of specialization, leadership skills, ability to make appropriate decisions and creativity & innovation skills
4- Meet the occupancy requirements according to job description card
To apply for the  position get job application from Technical Secretariat of Standing Committee for leadership positions and attach  5 copies of the following documents :
1- Functional Statement
2- 6 photoes
3- achievement statement
4- other qualifications such as (postgraduate studies - foreign languages proficiency – computer courses - work with international or regional organizations – participation in conferences – research preparation)
Above mentioned documents are hand delivered to Technical Secretariat of Standing Committee for leadership positions at headquarters of Damietta university.
Address: New Damietta – the fourth district – the fourth neighbourhood – building No. 19
Deadline is 15 days from the date of the announcement       
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