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Unoccupied Job For Trainers In IT Project In University

Vacancies 21.11.2013 310

IT Training Project in Damietta University announces that it needs to trainers in the project in the three training paths (basic – advanced – specialist) from the employers at the University according to the following conditions and criteria:

The basic conditions for accreditation:

  1. Take a bachelor degree in IT field or doctorate in another major 
  2. Take course in IT field to the non-specialists in the field of IT.   
  3. Certify as a trainer from one of the specialized accreditation authorities (-ITI-EBET -NAQAA -FLDP-Microsoft (NTI).
  4. Be a fluent in Arabic and English and not less than very good.   
  5. Have the ability to view information in a good way and communicate with trainers. 
  6. Have experience in the IT training field not less than one year.      

For further information, click here.

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