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It is a great honor to be the president of Damietta University which is located in a charming area since Damietta lies on the Mediterranean at the eastern north tip of Africa. It is the place where the Nile meets the Mediterranean Sea in a beautiful small island known as Rasil Barr City which is twenty minutes away from the Campus of Damietta University. In addition, Damietta is a few hundred kilometers away from the Continent of Asia. This fantastic location added a great value to Damietta Governorate and Damietta University.

Geographically, Damietta as a northern gate to Egypt; and a center point between Africa, Asia, and Europe, has always been a major trading zone and a significant area famous for fishing, ship construction, tourism, shoe-making, sweets, furniture, textile, and cheese manufacturing.

Historically, Damietta bravely participated in defending Egypt from various invaders such as the French Conquest (1798-1801), and consecutive Crusades. During one of such crusades, King Louis 9th was captured as a war prisoner in a battle at a small village in Damietta. Backward to ancient history, it has been said that the meaning of Damietta in Hieroglyphic Language is the city of rice.

Culturally, the charming scenes of the zone have highly influenced people of Damietta. Consequently, a huge number of Egyptian artists, poets, musicians, and philosophers grew up in Damietta. Any visitor to the area can easily notice how kind, sensitive, and active Dumyatee people are. Similarly to people of ancient civilizations all over the world, they greatly value work, education, culture, arts, and science.

Colleges of Damietta, starting from 1976, were affiliated to Mansoura University. In 2012, Damietta University was announced as an independent university Since August 2017, I have got the honor to be selected as the third president of the University. I look forward to cooperate with my colleagues and students to develop our university and achieve the university's strategic plan.

President of Damietta University

El Sayed Dadour

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