The Inbound Students Administration

Admission Rules

Undergraduate  Stage
Prerequisites for Admission to the Undergraduate  Stage
 Obtaining an Egyptian Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent *
 passing qualifying subjects and getting the minimum of  total marks for the college the students wishes to join *
Destination of Papers' Submission:
    Applications are submitted through the website of the Inbound  Student Coordination System (
    The general administration of  admission and granting  for Inbound  students in the ministry is responsible  for carrying out  the procedures of those students where they submit their papers to the General Directorate for the admission and granting of inbound students where it is located in  97 El Gomhoureya St. branch of Ramses Street Cairo
Colleges that necessitate  capacity tests, the student must directly apply to the college to know the dates and performance of the test.
For older students, applications for re-nomination (re-enrollment after exceeding times of failure , transfer, transfer of enrollment and completion of the study) are submitted to the General Directorate for the admission and award of international students in the Ministry.
  After the initial result that will be notified to the student through his own account on the site of the Coordination  System of Inbound  Students, the nomination is not final, and is not implemented until after the student directly submitted the assets of his papers to his embassy in Cairo, in order to obtain the approval of the embassy for the student to get enrolled in the university.
For Transferred Students:
Foreign students are allowed to transfer to all faculties in Egyptian public universities, provided that the student obtains the approval of the two transferable and converted faculties, which requires the approval of the University President or Vice President for Academic and Students Affairs in both universities. And accordingly, the student obtains a final acceptance letter addressed to General Administration for  Accepting and Granting Inbound students in the ministry. This letter means an initial approval of the transfer so that this is not a final acceptance unless after reviewing the papers and obtaining the final approval to accept the transfer by the ministry.
Papers Required:
    The origin of the high school certificate (notarized).
    Original birth certificate (notarized).
    passport copy .
     6 personal photos.
     Information Form.
     Letter of nomination issued by the Ministry of Higher Education.
    Certificate of aptitude test for faculties requiring this test.
 Letter of nomination from the Embassy of the  student's country,  directed to the dean of the faculty to  which the student wished to  study. The letter includes the student's degree, funding destination and the academic year,  and the letter is signed by the Cultural Counselor of the Embassy.
The Postgraduate Stage:
Registration procedures for the diploma, master's or doctoral level are as follows:
 Students can apply through the website of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Missions at to complete the information form and get (proof of submission).
The student shall submit his complete  papers, as is the case at the college and the university for the initial registration, including proof of the student's submission on the website of the sector.
Student papers are sent from  the Administration of the University's Inbound Students  to the Administration of Inbound Students  at the Ministry of Higher Education to obtain the final admission.
Re-nomination, Postponing enrollment or transferring  (one-time only) may be considered. Requests shall be submitted directly to the General Directorate for the admission and award of Inbound Students in the Ministry
Papers Required:
   Certified Certificate (Bachelor of Arts , Science or  Master's Degree).
   Degree equivalency (Bachelor of arts, Science or  Master's degree) from the Supreme Council of Universities.
 Certified scores document (Bachelor of Arts, Science or  Preliminary courses).
  Copy of  a valid passport for one full year.
 A Letter of recommendation  from the Embassy of the Student's country, directed to the dean of the faculty to which the student wishes to  study. The letter contains the  student's degree, funding destination, and the academic year. The letter is signed by  the Cultural Counselor of the Embassy.
   6 personal photos.
    3 data forms.
    3 information forms.

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