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The Minister of Higher Education Signed on Development projects


      Professor  Dr. Khaled Abd Al Ghafar , The Minister of Higher Education and The Presidents of universitiesSigned  Contracts for projects funded by the Project Management Unit for the development of higher education during Supreme council of universities' meeting on Thursday 18 / 10/ 2018 at Alexandria University.

Professor  Dr. Khaled Abd Al Ghafar , The Minister of Higher Education and Professor  Dr. El Sayed Mohamad Dadour, The President of the university Signed  a contract for the International accreditation project for laboratories  In institutions of higher education Micro-analysis Laboratory for Water Research . They also signed  the  renewal of contract of the  development of   information technology and systems project( I C T P ).


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The E - portal launches Damietta university’s application on The Android .


The E – portal at Damietta university  launches Damietta university’s application on Google Store to facilitate the access on the site through Mobile , so that students and faculty staff members can benefit from its services, The application can be accessed by logging in google store and writing "  Damietta university "   and  downloading the application .

You can also download the application directly through  the following link :-

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Evaluation Committee ( the best Egyptian University) at Damietta University


         Under the guidance of  President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi  to evaluate universities in ( the best university competition ) ,  on Tuesday 15 / 10 / 2018 Professor  Dr. El Sayed Mohamad Dadour The President of the university welcomed Major General/ Alaa El Den Mokhtar , Advisor to the Minister of Planning and Administrative Reform  and The Representative of the Administrative Control Authority In the presence of the Vice-Presidents of the University, the deans of the colleges ,the Secretary-General of the University , the Executive Director of International Students Management, a number of faculty members and a number of international students .

First , the  University introductory video  was played which includes the history of the university and its new colleges, which was approved for construction, and a Presentation of the university's development . Dr. Dadour explained the  University's vision and mission, and clarified  some achievements within the university.Then , they moved to inaugurate the new building in the dorm .

The President of the University extended his much thanks and appreciation to the deans, vice deans, professors, administrative staff and students.



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Starting residing the second stage students in the university dormitories.


      The general administration of the university dormitories announced Starting residing the second stage students  in the university dormitories, who meet the conditions of residence in university dormitories of old and new students  on Sunday 14/10/2018.



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Receiving (Captain/ Samir Zaher ) football court


On  11/ 10/ 2018 Professor Dr .El Sayed Mohamad Dadour  the president of the University ,welcomedProfessor Reda El Sersy, The  General Manager at  the Ministry of Youth and Sports accompanied with  a delegation from the ministry to deliver (Captain/ Samir Zaher ) playground  with artificial turf  and floodlights to the university . This visit reflects the depth of cooperation between Damietta University and the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The Secretary General of the University,  Dr. Mohamad Sleem, professor at the Faculty of Physical Education and a number of administrative staff at the university attended the meeting .  

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Damietta University signed a cooperation protocol with the Adult Education Authority


      On 11/ 10/ 2018  Professors   Dr . El Sayed Mohamad Dadour the president of the university and Dr. Ashor Aamery, the  president of  Public Authority for Adult Education signed a cooperation protocol between the University and the Adult Education Authority which focused on adult literacy for people in Damietta villages and centers sponsored by professional professors from the university . The university students will teach in this project as a service to the Society of Damietta. Then Professor Dr. El Sayed Dadour was granted an Authority Trophy from Dr. Ashor Aamery In recognition of his efforts and support for Literacy and Adult Education.



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The university president welcomed the commissioner of the Omani students


    As a part  of Damietta university's interest to  international students and providing them  all its services,  Professor Dr. El Sayed  Mohamad  Dadour  the president of the University welcomed professor Ahmed Saied Al Abedan , the commissioner of the Omani students on Tuesday  10/ 10/ 2018. Professor Al-abedan reviewed some topics and notes  that would facilitate the study and exams for Omani students .Dr. Dadour promised to handle all Omani students' requests as long as they were in keeping with rules . He also discussed these requests with vice presidents and all promised to achieve  them. 


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The President of the University meets the Deputy Libyan Cultural Attaché


     As part of the university's interest to  international students and providing them  all its services,  Professor Dr. El Sayed  Mohamad  Dadour  the president of the University welcomed the  assistants  to the Libyan Cultural Counselor in Cairo ,  Professor Dr. Idrees El Gazory and Professor Dr. Zinab Haroon El Tarky  and representatives of Libyan students studying at the university  ,in the presence of Professor Dr. Mamdoh Nemt Ala , the  vice president of the University for Postgraduate studies and research  ,  Professor Dr. Tarek Abo El Maati  the vice President for Education and Students Affairs  ,Professor Dr. Abd El Hamed Khedr, the vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development and professor  Dr. Mohammad Bahnsawy the executive director of international students management . Members of the Libyan Cultural Delegation in Cairo extend  all thanks and appreciation to the president of the university for his supporting and  encouragement to  the international students.


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The 6th International Conference of the Faculty of Applied Arts.


The faculty of Applied Arts – Damietta university announced holding The 6th International Conference entitled " Applied Arts between Reality and Hope " .

For more details , please read the attached file . 



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