Seminar (no for pollution .. by plastic)

Date: 04.09.2018

     In the framework of cooperation between Damietta Governorate and Damietta University in the field of regarding the environment as one of the axes of development , participating in sustainable development and  spreading environmental awareness with holding a seminar  entitled (no pollution .. by plastic) in cooperation with the Directorate of Education in summer activities of Damietta schools. Accordingly, prof.dr. /Abdulhamid Abdul Fattah Khedr- vice president  of community service &environmental development affairs nominated prof. dr. /Talaat Abdel Monem Hegazy, Head of Environmental Sciences Department to give a lecture on the seminar, which included four schools:-

1.       El Zokhroufya Secondary school for Girls in Damietta on Tuesday, 7/8/2018.

2.       Kafre sad preparatory school for girls on Tuesday, 14/8/2018.

3.       El serw  mutual secondary school “Fahima Badawy” on Tuesday, 4/9/2018.

4.       New Damietta Industrial Secondary School on Monday 10/9/2018.

      prof.dr. /Abdulhamid Abdul Fattah Khedr- vice president  of community service &environmental development affairs visited El serw mutual secondary school “Fahima Badawy” on Tuesday, 4/9/2018 to inaugurate its exhibition and address a speech about  plastic damages with the presence of prof.dr./Talat Abdel Monem Hegazy - Head of Environmental Sciences Department, Mrs./Samia Elmetwaly Elmai - General Director of Al Serw Educational Administration , Mr./Samir Elgamal –the deputy of Al Serw Educational Administration, Sheikh/  Hatem al-Sharif- Preacher in El Awqaf Directorate and Mr./Ragab Elzeki – the school manager.

        The school administration welcomed the vice president of community service &environmental development affairs  and began the visit with school tour and inaugurated its exhibition as he expressed his admiration for the students' artworks and urged them to serve their community with these works. then he moved to the school hall to address a speech in the seminar and encouraging the replication of such seminars  for the sake of  serving  the Egyptian society and preserving  the environment.



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