Under the auspices of prof. Dr. / Mamdouh Neamatallah - the acting president of the university, Prof. Dr. / Tarek M. Abu El-Maati – the Vice President for Education & student Affairs, Damietta University delega
Date : 16.03.2017
          The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research approved the agreement of establishing the joint international laboratory for textile dyeing by supercritical fluid technology between Damietta University
Date : 16.03.2017
Medical Affairs Department announces that a comprehensive medical examination for virus C for new students at Damietta University will be carried out in cooperation with the Egyptian liver center in accordance with the following schedule:
Date : 15.03.2017
     It was decided to prolong the receiving period of the students’ research summaries at Damietta University for another week until 16/3/2017, so they should keep in touch with the leader of the academic researchers.
Date : 08.03.2017
     By the invitation of the colonel / Tarek Abdel Moez Ahmed, director of the military hospital and in coordination with the colonel / Walid Farghali Director of the Military communication Department at the university, the univer
Date : 07.03.2017
  Damietta University is intending to participate by the faculty members contributions at the second annual International Conference at  Alexandria University entitled : « knowledge integration and innovation is a way to progress&
Date : 28.02.2017
   A workshop was held at the Faculty of Science, conference hall, to identify Fulbright’s programs for the graduate studies students and faculty members on Tuesday, 28.02.2017, under the auspices of Prof.dr. / Mamdouh Mohamed Nea
Date : 28.02.2017
       Under the auspices of Prof.dr. / Mamdouh Mohamed Neamatallah – the acting president of Damietta University, under the supervision of Prof. dr. / Tarek Mohamed Abu El-Maati, the Vice President for Ed
Date : 25.02.2017