The Information Technology system project of CIO at the University in cooperation with the Electronic and Knowledge Services Center of the Supreme Council of Universities has succeeded in creating accounts for the managers of IT units and the por
Date : 29.03.2020
      Based on Prof. Dr. /Mohamed Dador- the President's recommendations on the unification of university faculties' journals sites and converting them electronically, upon the request of Prof. Dr. / Mayada Al-Basil, De
Date : 28.03.2020
The Egyptian Cultural Office in Rome reported starting the submission for PISA University / Italy Scholarships to get research grants and join scientific missions in various disciplines. For more details click the following link:-  h
Date : 26.03.2020
The Egyptian cultural office in Rome/Italy starting the scholarships offered by the University of Studies in Trieste, Italy to get research scholarships to join scientific missions in the various specializations as announced by the link show
Date : 25.03.2020
The Egyptian Cultural Office in Rome reported starting scholarships from the University of POLITECNICO DI Milano in Italy to get the PhD degree, as additional scholarships for the 35th session, which begins in May 2020. For more details
Date : 25.03.2020
Within the framework of activating distance learning system at the university’s colleges and make sure that all university students get the scientific subject, we reviewed and followed up the efforts made by the university colleges to facil
Date : 24.03.2020
Proceeding from the university’s keenness to protect the international students, and activate the precautionary procedures to prevent epidemics and diseases, we are honored to attach the Travelers' Health Guide for 2020 on vaccination r
Date : 24.03.2020
In the context of the precautionary procedures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, the university dorms were sterilized and sanitized today.
Date : 19.03.2020