About Us

College of Applied Arts was founded in 2003 under decree No. 119 in Damietta, Mansoura University in order to revive civilization, historical heritage and original traditions of the Egyptian people and to deepen technical, scientific and cultural connection with colleges, universities and scientific foreign bodies. The students began studying in the college in the academic year 2004/2005 The college has a prime location overlooking the Nile. College’s buildings consist of two main buildings; administrative building and workshops building in addition to a large stadium enough for 300 students.

Faculty Goals

College of Arts in Damietta’s strategic plan characterized by group of ultimate goals which achieves quality and accreditation standards in academic fields, administrative structure and efficient financial expenditure through:
1. Infrastructure development and providing opportunities for education and learning to achieve quality and accreditation.
2. Developing and ongoing evaluation of educational programs and postgraduate programs of the college to Keep pace with international scientific development in different majors to meet labor market needs by talented graduates able to competitive
3. Providing an integrated system for scientific research which supports economic development of community.
4. Developing human resources which Stimulates ability of faculty members and administrative staff to reach the highest degrees of efficiency
5. Reinforcement and developing community participation and environment service that contribute in supporting and achieving vision, mission and strategic goals of college.