Strategic aims of the faculty

The strategic plan of the Faculty of Applied Arts at Damietta University characterized by a group of final purposes that covers the quality and accreditation standards in the academic fields, the administrative structure and the financial spending effectiveness through:

1- Develop the infrastructure and provide the education and learning chances that achieve the quality and accreditation.

2- The Continuous development and evaluation for the academic programs and graduate studies at the faculty to cope with the scientific development in the different specialties to answer the needs of the labour markets of a distinguished graduate that have the ability to competitive.

3- Provide an integrated system for the scientific research which helps the economic development of the society.

4- Develop the human resources as motivate the abilities of the faculty staff members and the administrative system to reach to the highest degree efficiency.

5- Enhance and develop the community participation and environmental service which contribute in supporting and achieving the vision, mission and aims of the faculty strategy.

6- Develop the faculty self-resources to support the educational and research process.

7- To get the academic accreditation.