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Scholarships for scientific missions from Alma Mater studiorum University

  The Egyptian Cultural Office in Rome reported that Alma Mater studiorum University in Bologna, Italy announced some vacant positions to carry out the scientific missions in the following

The competitive grants from the Republic of Hungary

Advertising for the Competitive grants from the Republic of Hungary 2018/2019 to get the PhD. 

A cooperation between Damietta University and the Ministry of Youth and Sports

 On Tuesday 23/ 1/2018 prof.dr/ El Sayed Dadour the president of the university met Mr. Rida Al-Sirsi, the manager of Constructions at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, to specify a space

Declaring the first term exam results

       Prof.Dr./ElSayed Mohamad Dador, President of the University and prof.dr./Tarek M. Abu El Maati, Vice President for Education and Students Affairs, expressed their thanks

Excellence 7

        Prof. Dr./ El Sayed Mohamad Dadour, president of Damietta University, met on Monday 8/1/2018, Prof. dr./ Mohamad Abu Shawareb – Dean of the faculty of Physical

Follow - up the exams at the faculties of the university

        Prof./Tarek Mohamed Abu El maaty-vice president for Education &students affairs , inspected today's morning the exams at the faculties of Education and

Approving the executive summary of the university strategic plan .

The university Council no. (344) with its session no. (95)which was held on Monday 25/12/2017, approved the executive summary of the university strategic plan which includes the university vision


Dean's Speech

I am pleased to give the speech of the Dean of the faculty from this holy and blessed place, the Faculty of Arts at Damietta University. Faculty of Arts has different great fields in science, culture, knowledge and arts. Many professors and glorious scientists graduated from it.



The faculty moves towards applied scientific ideology that highlights the importance of superiority and mentality process in order the learner can able to impose..



The faculty considers a center of scientific, intellectual and skill exchange with the surrounding community and a "service" reference in all historical.