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Entrepreneurship World Cup

The University’s Cultural Relations announces the Global Innovation Competition (World Entrepreneurship Cup). For more information, on the following website

The E-portal launches the faculty of medicine's website

          On the instructions of Prof. / El-Sayed Mohamed Da’dour, President of the University, to expedite  creating the website of the Faculty of Medicine on

The 3rd International Advanced Conference on Geographical Science and Technology

             The International Conference on Advanced Geospatial Science and Technology will be held in Tunis, Tunisia, from 20 to 22 October 2021. The

National Institutes of Health's Training programs

The Egyptian Cultural Office in Washington reported that they has been contacted with the National Institutes of Health NIH, which offers post-doctoral training programs in the following different

The participation in UNESCO Club membership at Damietta University

       Under the auspices of Prof. / El-Sayed Mohamed Da’dour - President of the University and the supervision of Prof. / Wael Farouk Al-Taibani - Vice President for

The portal launches the new Scientific Calculation Center website

               The E- portal at Damietta University launches the new site of the Scientific Calculation Center as part of its plan to develop all sites of

Cooperation between Al-Farabi University in Kazakhstan and Egyptian universities

            The Central Administration for Cultural Cooperation at the Ministry of Higher Education announces starting the cooperation of Al-Farabi University in


Dean's Speech

I am pleased to give the speech of the Dean of the faculty from this holy and blessed place, the Faculty of Arts at Damietta University. Faculty of Arts has different great fields in science, culture, knowledge and arts. Many professors and glorious scientists graduated from it.



The faculty moves towards applied scientific ideology that highlights the importance of superiority and mentality process in order the learner can able to impose..



The faculty considers a center of scientific, intellectual and skill exchange with the surrounding community and a "service" reference in all historical.