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The portal launches a new website for the Faculty of Arts

 The E- portal launches the new website for the faculty of Arts as a part of its plan to develop all university faculties sites, this is in accordance with the directives of Prof. / El-Sayed

The 16th Scientific Conference of the Arab Society for Economic Research

 What was received from prof./the Secretary-General of the Arab Society for Economic Research regarding holding the sixteenth scientific conference of the Society in cooperation with the Arab

Hemdan Award - ALECSO for Distinguished Educational Research

 Hemdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation announced in cooperation with the Arab Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) about Hemdan Award - ALECSO for distinguished

The students scientific conference sessions " future scientists 5"

Under the patronage of Prof./ Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education, and under the patronage of Prof. / El-Sayed Mohamed Da’dour - President of Damietta University, Within the

Creating account on Research Gate

 To get a statement from the Electronic Services Unit, all faculty staff members and their assistants are requested to complete the following: Create accounts for faculty staff members and

King Hussein Cancer Award

    The Department of International Organizations and Conferences at the Central Administration of Cultural Relations announces the King Hussein institution and starting appling to King

The university appears in the world rankings URAP

The university appears in the world rankings of universities according to academic performance University Ranking by Academic Performance URAP Damietta University has made remarkable


Dean's Speech

I am pleased to give the speech of the Dean of the faculty from this holy and blessed place, the Faculty of Arts at Damietta University. Faculty of Arts has different great fields in science, culture, knowledge and arts. Many professors and glorious scientists graduated from it.



The faculty moves towards applied scientific ideology that highlights the importance of superiority and mentality process in order the learner can able to impose..



The faculty considers a center of scientific, intellectual and skill exchange with the surrounding community and a "service" reference in all historical.