Seminar on the harms of smoking in Damietta Port

 Under the auspices of Prof. / El-Sayed Mohamed Dadour - President of the University , the supervision and guidance of Prof. / Abdel Hamid Khedr - Vice President for Community Service & Environmental Development Affairs within the framework of the cooperation between Damietta Governorate Office and Damietta University in the field of environmental concern as one of the fields of development and participation in sustainable development and spreading environmental awareness, the Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs Sector implemented a seminar on the harms of smoking on 29/12/ 2021 in Damietta Port, which was lectured by Prof. / Nahed Khedre, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Damietta University, and Prof. /Eman Ezz Al-Regal, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Nursing for Community Service & Environmental Development, explaining the dangers of smoking and warning them against it as well as clarifying its negative effects on the individual and society , and that the cigarette is the first killer in the world, stressing that smoking is the first gateway to enter the world of addiction and abuse and that smoking and drugs are the main cause of all types of cancer in the body in addition to nerve damage and stroke.

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Seminar on the harms of smoking in Damietta PortFaculty of Arts || Damietta University