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Damietta University delegation at the initiative "there is new every day"

        Under the auspices of prof. Dr. / Mamdouh Neamatallah - the acting president of the university, Prof. Dr. / Tarek M. Abu El-Maati – the Vice President for

Cooperation agreement between Damietta University and Dalian University in China

          The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research approved the agreement of establishing the joint international laboratory for textile dyeing by

Comprehensive medical examination of virus C for new students

Medical Affairs Department announces that a comprehensive medical examination for virus C for new students at Damietta University will be carried out in cooperation with the Egyptian liver center

Prolonging the research’s receiving period in the students scientific conference

         It was decided to prolong the receiving period of the students’ research summaries at Damietta University for another week until 16/3/2017, so they should

A field visit to the military hospital at New Damietta

      By the invitation of the colonel / Tarek Abdel Moez Ahmed, director of the military hospital and in coordination with the colonel / Walid Farghali Director of the Military

Damietta University at the second annual International Conference of Alexandria University

  Damietta University is intending to participate by the faculty members contributions at the second annual International Conference at  Alexandria University entitled : « knowledge


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Faculty of Commerce, Damietta University seeks to provides a distinguished service for education, scientific research and community service