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The university Council held its emergency Session No. (86) On 11/7/2017

     The university Council held its emergency Session no. (86) On Tuesday 11/7/2017On, in the meeting hall of the Public Administration of the University under the chairmanship of

A statement “the highest international publication of Damietta University staff members"

      According to SCOPUS classification statistics, which specializes in indexing and following up the international publication, Damietta University has an advanced rank compared

Community Service‘s Council held its session no. (61)

   Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs' Council was held on Monday 19/6/2017 chaired by Prof. Dr. /Elsayed Mohamed Da’dor, Vice President for Community

Grants by the Vietnamese University FPT

It was announced that there are 100 grants for Egyptian students through the academic year 2017/2018 as follows: A bachelor's degree in software engineering or business administration

Scholarships provided by the Indian Government

The Indian Embassy in Cairo reported that the Government of India has decided to provide the African citizens Scholarships in the field of agriculture to get their master's and PhD through the

Scholarships by the Government of Macedonia for the year 2017/2018

The Ministry of Education and Science in Macedonia for the year 2017/2018 offered to study at the General University of Science and Information Technology "St. Paul Apostle" in Ohrid


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Faculty of Commerce, Damietta University seeks to provides a distinguished service for education, scientific research and community service