Faculty Aims

1- Prepare and qualify the graduates in an integrated scientific, technical, intellectual and cultural way and consistent with the requirements and variables of the time and based on its techniques and provide the sustainable development ways for those graduates and prepare them for the active and distinguished participation in the development of the society and environmental development.

2- Organized and active participation in develop and enhance the local and international cognitive balance through the organized scientific research and techniques development that agree with the society needs and the requirements of its economics, social and cultural development, at the same time agree with the needs of the labour market.

3- Managing the faculty with a scientific techniques consistent with the reality of the modern technology that aims to develop the cooperation relations and the constructive interaction among its various administration and merging the concepts and mechanismsof continuous development and the overall quality in its organizationalstructure and the work systems in it through re-engineering its administrative process with the form that provide a model among all the local and international society organizations and sectors.

4- Glorification of the faculty role as an education, culture and enlightenment center which spread its scientific and intellectual contribution on the Arab and African worldand keeping the Egyptian identity and the national belonging. Activate the faculty role as a scientific radiation center that serve the community and the environmental development through glorify its role in interesting in discussing and contributing to solve community problems by an organized scientific technique.

5- To comply with the quality and academic accreditation standards which ensure to introduce a distinguished educational and research service in all various specializations of the faculty.

6- Upgrading the level of the quality of the research work that corresponds to the latest developments in this field on the international level and ensure to introduce scientific applied solutions to the problems that consider a research spot.

7- Activate the research role in solving the problems and local environmental issues through connecting the research ideas with the surrounding environmental issues and provide the suitable recommendation to solve it.

8- Adapt a suitable environment for education and learning that improve the graduates and researchers benefit from the educational and research services at the faculty.