Starting residing the second stage students in the university dormitories.

      The general administration of the university dormitories announced Starting residing the second stage students  in the university dormitories, who meet the conditions

Receiving (Captain/ Samir Zaher ) football court

On  11/ 10/ 2018 Professor Dr .El Sayed Mohamad Dadour  the president of the University ,welcomedProfessor Reda El Sersy, The  General Manager at  the Ministry of

Damietta University signed a cooperation protocol with the Adult Education Authority

      On 11/ 10/ 2018  Professors   Dr . El Sayed Mohamad Dadour the president of the university and Dr. Ashor Aamery, the  president of

The university president welcomed the commissioner of the Omani students

    As a part  of Damietta university's interest to  international students and providing them  all its services,  Professor Dr. El Sayed  Mohamad 

The President of the University meets the Deputy Libyan Cultural Attaché

     As part of the university's interest to  international students and providing them  all its services,  Professor Dr. El Sayed  Mohamad  Dadour

The 6th International Conference of the Faculty of Applied Arts.

The faculty of Applied Arts – Damietta university announced holding The 6th International Conference entitled " Applied Arts between Reality and Hope " . For

E - Portal achieves the rate of 100% at the first quarter

    Damietta University E-portal Project  - all praise to Allah - achieves the rate  of 100% in the assessment of the Project Management Unit of the Ministry of Higher

The (35) competition for prose, storytelling and novelist works in France

   The Young Writer Award Association in France (Association Prix du Jeune Ecrivain ) launched the (35) competition for prose, storytelling and novelist works for the year 2019 for the

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