Curriculum, Teaching Methods Department


To prepare a teacher has all forms of positive interaction with learner - To plant values and high principles of education profession.


- To prepare graduates able to deal with local and global innovations and developments also able to serve themselves and their community.- Achieve communication with education institutions in governorate and minister of education which serves teaching process. Conduct researches, studies and scientific projects which serve community and matching with modern global trends.Achieve comprehensive quality of educational process in department and college


1Prof. Efat Mostafa Mos’ad El-Tanawy Professor
2Prof. Maaty Mohammad Ibrahim Abdu Nasr Professor
3Prof. El-Sayed Mohamad El-Sayed Dadour Professor
4Prof. Ferial Abdu Abdu Abu Seta Professor
5Prof. Mahmoud Galal El-Deen Soliman Professor
6Prof. Mahmoud Gaber Hassan Ahmad Professor
7Prof. Mohammad Abdul-Halim Mohammad Hasaballah Professor
8Prof. Magdy Aziz Ibrahim Professor Emeritus
9Prof. Mohammad Hassan El-Morsy Ibrahim Professor Emeritus
10Prof. Fawzy Abdul-Salam Ibrahim El-Sherbiny Professor Emeritus
11Prof. El-Sayed Mohammad Mohammad El-Sayeh Professor Emeritus
12Prof. Ramadan Abdul-Hamid Mohammad El-Tantawy Professor Emeritus
13Prof. Reda Mos’ad El-Said Mostafa Abu Aser Professor Emeritus
14Prof. Samir Abdul-Wahab Ahmad Berber Professor Emeritus
15Dr. Reda Ahmad Hafez El-Adgham Associate Professor
16Dr. Manal El-Sayed El-Sayed Youssef Associate Professor
17Dr. Hanaa Hamid Abdul-Salam Zahran Associate Professor
18Dr. Merfat Hamed Mohammad Hany Associate Professor
19Dr. Dalia Fawzy Abdul-Salam Ibrahim El-Sherbiny Associate Professor
20Dr. Alaa Abdullah Ahmad Hussein Mrwad Associate Professor
21Dr. Moataza Mohammad El-Sayed El-Desouky Dadour Lecturer
22Dr. Taghreed Ali Abdu Hamada Lecturer
23Dr. Hanaa El-Baz El-Sayed Ibrahim Lecturer
24Dr. Abou El-Fetouh Mokhtar Mohammad El-Karamity Lecturer
25Dr. Mahmoud Ezz El-Arab El-Sayed Abdul-Kader Lecturer
26Dr. Enas Mohammad Arafa Farahat Lecturer
27Dr. Rania Mohammad Hassan Mohammad Lecturer
28Dr. Iman Abdul-Hafiz Mohammad Emara Lecturer
29Dr. Rasha Ahmad Mohammad Mohammad Eissa Lecturer
30Dr. Shaimaa Abdul-Salam Abdul-Salam Selim Lecturer
31Dr. Walid Sobhi Abdelhamid Al Adl Lecturer
32Dr. Zezy El-Sayed Abdul-Aziz Abdul-Hay Lecturer
33Dr. Samia Ahmad Mohammad El-Ziny Full Time Lecturer
34Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim Abdul-Salam Desouky Full Time Lecturer
35Mr. Hossam Amin Abdul-Ghani Ammar Assistant Lecturer
36Mr. Asmaa Mahmoud Mohammed El-Shahat Assistant Lecturer
37Mr. Ahmad Samy Sabry Salem Ragab Assistant Lecturer
38Mr. Shimaa Samir Anwar Metwally Assistant Lecturer
39Mr. Nada Fat-hy Mohammad Kiner Assistant Lecturer
40Mr. Heba Moustafa El-Mancy Moustafa Assistant Lecturer
41Mr. Somaia Eissa Eissa El-Shrkawy Assistant Lecturer
42Mr. Mona Adel Abd-allah Mohammed Abd-allah Demonstrator
43Mr. Nesma Hassan Hassan Ebrahim El-Gamal Demonstrator
44Mr. Omayma Farag Ebrahim Abo-Ali Demonstrator
45Mr. Aya Abd-ElFatah AboTable Demonstrator