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Damietta portal launches the Faculty of Education electronic Journal


      Based on Prof. Dr. /Mohamed Dador- the President's recommendations on the unification of university faculties' journals sites and converting them electronically, upon the request of Prof. Dr. / Mayada Al-Basil, Dean of the faculty of Education as it is necessary to keep pace with the digital transformation of the university and faculty and convert all the faculty's systems electronically, Damietta portal launches the new site of the Faculty of Education electronic Journal. Prof. Dr. /Dean of the faculty stated that the new journal site is as the digital transformation and sustainable development in the educational field. The journal can be accessed through the following link:-


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Scholarships offered by the University of Studies in Trieste, Italy


The Egyptian cultural office in Rome/Italy starting the scholarships offered by the University of Studies in Trieste, Italy to get research scholarships to join scientific missions in the various specializations as announced by the link shown after.

For more details through the following link :

The central administration of missions doesn't defray any expenses for these scholarships  

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Politecnico di Milano university's scholarships


The Egyptian Cultural Office in Rome reported starting scholarships from the University of POLITECNICO DI Milano in Italy to get the PhD degree, as additional scholarships for the 35th session, which begins in May 2020.

For more details about these scholarships through the following sight:-

The central administration of missions doesn’t defray any expenses for these scholarships


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Distance learning for disabled students


Within the framework of activating distance learning system at the university’s colleges and make sure that all university students get the scientific subject, we reviewed and followed up the efforts made by the university colleges to facilitate obtaining their own courses, as it was emphasized to follow up this for each case periodically and overcome any obstacles that may face them.

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Travelers' health guide for international students


Proceeding from the university’s keenness to protect the international students, and activate the precautionary procedures to prevent epidemics and diseases, we are honored to attach the Travelers' Health Guide for 2020 on vaccination requirements and recommendations for international travelers and the epidemiological situation in the world issued by the Preventive Medicine Sector in the Ministry of Health and Population. With all best wishes for university students with good health and our beloved Egypt with progress and prosperity

To upload the Guide click here

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The sterilization of the university dorms


In the context of the precautionary procedures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, the university dorms were sterilized and sanitized today.

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President Al-Sisi directs the suspension of the study in universities and schools for two weeks


President Abd Al Fattah Al-Sisi directs the suspension of the study in universities and schools for two weeks as of Sunday, March 15, 2020, as part of the state's comprehensive plan to deal with any possible implications of the CORONA virus. The President also directed that 100 billion pounds be allocated to finance the comprehensive plan and the precautions it contains. This came during a meeting between President Al- Sisi and Prime Minister Dr. Mustafa Madbouly. This was stated by Ambassador Bassam Radi, the spokesperson for the Presidency of the Republic.

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Funding number of research projects at Damietta University


Under the auspices of prof.dr./El Sayed Mohamed Dador – the university president, the graduate studies and research sector at Damietta University announces funding number of research projects for faculty members and young researchers from all faculties of the university through the Projects, Conferences and International Agreements Unit at the International Office.

To upload the application form click here

To send the research proposal through the following mail: -

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Awareness seminars entitled (You are stronger than drugs)


Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. / El Sayed Mohamed Dador - the University President, and supervision of Prof. Dr. / Vice President of the University for Community Service & Environmental Development, The community service and environmental development affairs sector organized in cooperation with Damietta Anti-Addiction Fund awareness seminars on drug addiction and the damage caused by smoking by spreading these seminars to the university’s colleges and focusing on the danger of smoking as the first impediment to the growth of society and undesirable negative phenomenon such as begging and harassment.

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