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Intensive training on EKB

   The digital library project at Damietta University in collaboration with the Digital Libraries Unit at the Supreme Council of Universities held an intensive training on Egyptian

The University's efforts to combat addiction

 Prof. Dr. / Elsayed  Mohamed Da’dor- President of the University, met Dr./ Ibrahim Askar - general supervisor of adaptation programs and Egyptian universities , and general

The Grants of Aurora Foundation to study at Armenia’s American University

The Republic of Armenia Embassy in Cairo announces data about Aurora Project which grants scholarships to five countries from the Middle East, including the Arab Republic of Egypt, to study at

Appointing demonstrators by commissioning at the Faculty of Specific Education

Prof. Dr. / Elsayed Mohamed Da'dor- Damietta University President , issued a decree no. (913) dated 16/10/2017 on the appointment of the following demonstrators by  commissioning at the

Damietta University E - Portal achieves the rate of 110%

Damietta University E-portal Project  - all praise to Allah - achieves the first place with the rate  110% in the evaluation of the Project Management Unit of the Ministry of

No to terrorism

 Damietta University condemns the tragic incident that the Egyptians suffered by as a result of terrorist  incidents. Damietta University mourns with great sadness  Egypt

Prof.dr./ Tarek Abu Al-Maati gives the opening lecture at the international conference in Poland

    Through the contributions of Damietta University in the  international forums, prof.dr./ Tarek Mohammed Abu Al-Maati, Vice President for Education & Student Affairs, was


Dean Word

Hello to the website of the Faculty of Physical Education. We hope that the site provides all the information you would like to receive them , and that gives you the ability to track the various departments and college programs and activities. College is working on a comprehensive setup of the individual and prepares graduates capable of competing in the labor market. Obtaining Bachelor's degree is not the only goal, but it is necessary to synchronize with it participating in various student activities (cultural - Sports - Technical - social - Trips – Rangers ) , because of these activities is an active role in the construction of the individual. And the college administration is making the best effort to support student activity to graduate specialist student and a good citizen contributes to building community.



Faculty of Physical Education seeks to become one of specialized educational institutions locally and domestically distinctive in both its institutional capacity and its educational effectiveness .



To prepare a graduate have high quality professionally abilities in his field to meet needs of local labor market and be able to compete internationally .