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A workshop on how to deal with e-courses

      The e-courses production Center at Damietta University regulates a special workshop for the responsible team for e-courses in technological services units at the faculties of

The pharmacy sector committee’s Visit to complete the procedures for the Faculty of Pharmacy establishment

  The pharmacy sector committee’s Visit to complete the procedures for the Faculty of Pharmacy establishment 

An invitation to attend the intensive training on the Egyptian knowledge Bank

Under the auspices of the digital library unit at the Supreme Council of Universities, Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Neamatallah , the acting President of Damietta University, and Prof. Dr. Tarek M.Abu

The training course which qualifies the participation at the students’ first scientific conference

       In the context of the university preparations to hold the students' first scientific conference “future scientists 1 "in the period

Damietta University at the poets first Forum of the Egyptian universities students

       Damietta University delegation participated at the poets first Forum of the Egyptian university students, which organized by the cultural and artistic activity management

Damietta University participates in"Know your country trips"

  Damietta University delegation participated in the Ministry of Youth and Sports trips program "Know your country", in cooperation with the Department of Social Activity at public

Damietta University participation in the Francophone courses

         Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. / Tarek M.Abu El-Maati, the Vice President for Education & Student Affairs, the public administration of students care


Dean Word

Hello to the website of the Faculty of Physical Education. We hope that the site provides all the information you would like to receive them , and that gives you the ability to track the various departments and college programs and activities. College is working on a comprehensive setup of the individual and prepares graduates capable of competing in the labor market. Obtaining Bachelor's degree is not the only goal, but it is necessary to synchronize with it participating in various student activities (cultural - Sports - Technical - social - Trips – Rangers ) , because of these activities is an active role in the construction of the individual. And the college administration is making the best effort to support student activity to graduate specialist student and a good citizen contributes to building community.



Faculty of Physical Education seeks to become one of specialized educational institutions locally and domestically distinctive in both its institutional capacity and its educational effectiveness .



To prepare a graduate have high quality professionally abilities in his field to meet needs of local labor market and be able to compete internationally .