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University Genius Qualifier (Alabakera Season 3)

         Under the auspices of Prof. /El Sayed Mohamed Dador - the University President and the supervision of Prof. / Wael Farouk Al-Taybani - Vice President for Education

The second training for Microsoft teams

 Under the patronage of Prof. /El Sayed Mohamed Dador - President of the University, within the framework of the role of the Egyptian Universities Network at the Electronic and Knowledge

Publication of the first issue of the Faculty of Law scientific journal

          On Sunday 20 / 9 / 2020 Prof. El Sayed Mohamad Dador the president of the university welcomed Prof. Mostafa Kamel – the dean of the

Double increase in the rice crop in Abu Graida

      Sponsored by Prof./ El Sayed Mohamad Dador the president of the university and under the supervision of   Prof. /Abd El Hamed El Sayed  Khedr- the vice

The first digital exhibition at the faculty of Applied Arts

      Under the auspices of prof./El Sayed Mohamed Dador , the university president , the supervision of prof./Wael Farouk El taibany , vice president for Education & Student

The 2nd Scientific Conf. of Admin. Sciences at the University of Andalusia

     Given the important role that research and studies play in the field of administrative sciences in the development, the faculty of Administrative Sciences at the University of

The university award for those with a DSC degree

          Prof./El Sayed Mohamed Dador - the university president ,prof./Hemdan Rabea Almetwally Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research congratulate prof./


Dean Word

Hello to the website of the Faculty of Physical Education. We hope that the site provides all the information you would like to receive them , and that gives you the ability to track the various departments and college programs and activities. College is working on a comprehensive setup of the individual and prepares graduates capable of competing in the labor market. Obtaining Bachelor's degree is not the only goal, but it is necessary to synchronize with it participating in various student activities (cultural - Sports - Technical - social - Trips – Rangers ) , because of these activities is an active role in the construction of the individual. And the college administration is making the best effort to support student activity to graduate specialist student and a good citizen contributes to building community.



Faculty of Physical Education seeks to become one of specialized educational institutions locally and domestically distinctive in both its institutional capacity and its educational effectiveness .



To prepare a graduate have high quality professionally abilities in his field to meet needs of local labor market and be able to compete internationally .