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  • The Effectiveness of Using Animation Software to Acquire English Language Skills for Primary Education Children
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  1. Computer-aided acute lymphoblastic leukemia diagnosis system based on image analysis
  2. Training feedforward neural networks using Sine-Cosine algorithm to improve the prediction of liver enzymes on fish farmed on nano-selenite
  3. Multimodal biometric personal identification and verification
  4. A proposed OCR algorithm for the recognition of handwritten Arabic characters
  5. Investigating of preprocessing techniques and novel features in recognition of handwritten Arabic characters
  6. A novel method for the recognition of isolated handwritten Arabic characters
  7. A bio-inspired moth-flame optimization algorithm for arabic handwritten letter recognition
  8. Bio-inspired bat optimization algorithm for handwritten arabic characters recognition
  9. New machine learning method for image-based diagnosis of COVID-19
  10. Automatic acute lymphoblastic leukemia classification model using social spider optimization algorithm
  11. A proposed OCR algorithm for cursive handwritten Arabic character recognition
  12. Particle swarm optimization with random forests for handwritten arabic recognition system
  13. Efficient classification of white blood cell leukemia with improved Swarm optimization of deep features
  14. OFF-line system for the recognition of handwritten arabic character
  15. Elephant herd optimization with neural networks: a case study on acute lymphoblastic leukemia diagnosis
  16. Arabic handwritten characters recognition system, towards improving its accuracy
  17. Prediction of antioxidant status in fish farmed on selenium nanoparticles using neural network regression algorithm
  18. Evaluation of cisplatin efficiency as a chemotherapeutic drug based on neural networks optimized by genetic algorithm
  19. Bio-inspired optimization algorithms for Arabic handwritten characters
  20. Bio-inspired optimization algorithms for improving artificial neural networks: a case study on handwritten letter recognition
  21. Self-organizing single-hop wireless sensor network using a genetic algorithm: Longer lifetimes and maximal throughputs
  22. Neutrosophic rule-based prediction system for assessment of pollution on Benthic Foraminifera in Burullus Lagoon in Egypt
  23. A novel method for detection of tuberculosis in chest radiographs using artificial ecosystem-based optimisation of deep neural network features
  24. Handwritten Arabic Optical Character Recognition Approach Based on Hybrid Whale Optimization Algorithm With Neighborhood Rough Set
  25. Elephant herd based approach for training feed-forward neural network: a case study on acute lymphoblastic leukemia diagnosis
  26. COVID-19 image classification using deep features and fractional-order marine predators algorithm
  27. Developing an educational program (CD) based on animations for the English Syllabus and its effect on acquiring reading and writing skills for the pupils in the Primary Education
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