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  • Position : Assistant Professor
  • Department : Computer teacher preparation
  • Specification : Computer Science
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  1. Whale optimization algorithm and moth-flame optimization for multilevel thresholding image segmentation
  2. Optimization method for forecasting confirmed cases of COVID-19 in China
  3. Improved grasshopper optimization algorithm using opposition-based learning
  4. Improved salp swarm algorithm based on particle swarm optimization for feature selection
  5. Chaotic multi-verse optimizer-based feature selection
  6. Multi-objective whale optimization algorithm for content-based image retrieval
  7. Multi-objective whale optimization algorithm for multilevel thresholding segmentation
  8. Prediction of biochar yield using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system with particle swarm optimization
  9. A Chaotic Improved Artificial Bee Colony for Parameter Estimation of Photovoltaic Cells
  10. Training feedforward neural networks using Sine-Cosine algorithm to improve the prediction of liver enzymes on fish farmed on nano-selenite
  11. A review on meta-heuristics methods for estimating parameters of solar cells
  12. Multi-level thresholding-based grey scale image segmentation using multi-objective multi-verse optimizer
  13. Social-spider optimization algorithm for improving ANFIS to predict biochar yield
  14. A hybrid method of sine cosine algorithm and differential evolution for feature selection
  15. Forecasting gold price fluctuations using improved multilayer perceptron neural network and whale optimization algorithm
  16. Hybrid swarms optimization based image segmentation
  17. Galaxy images classification using hybrid brain storm optimization with moth flame optimization
  18. Opposition-based moth-flame optimization improved by differential evolution for feature selection
  19. Boosting salp swarm algorithm by sine cosine algorithm and disrupt operator for feature selection
  20. A hybrid krill-ANFIS model for wind speed forecasting
  21. Improved multiobjective salp swarm optimization for virtual machine placement in cloud computing
  22. Feature Selection Based on Improved Runner-Root Algorithm Using Chaotic Singer Map and Opposition-Based Learning
  23. Performance analysis of chaotic multi-verse harris hawks optimization: a case study on solving engineering problems
  24. Image segmentation via multilevel thresholding using hybrid optimization algorithms
  25. A Bio-inspired moth-flame optimization algorithm for Arabic handwritten letter recognition
  26. Forecasting copper prices using hybrid adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system and genetic algorithms
  27. Oil consumption forecasting using optimized adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system based on sine cosine algorithm
  28. Channel State Information from Pure Communication to Sense and Track Human Motion: A Survey
  29. Automatic data clustering based on hybrid atom search optimization and sine-cosine algorithm
  30. Automated Assessment of Students' Arabic Free-text Answers
  31. Improving twin support vector machine based on hybrid swarm optimizer for heartbeat classification
  32. Improving adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system based on a modified salp swarm algorithm using genetic algorithm to forecast crude oil price
  33. Efficient Classification of White Blood Cell Leukemia with Improved Swarm Optimization of Deep Features
  34. Marine Predators Algorithm for Forecasting Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 in Italy, USA, Iran and Korea
  35. Improved adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system using gray wolf optimization: A case study in predicting biochar yield
  36. Prediction and management system for forest fires based on hybrid flower pollination optimization algorithm and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system
  37. Comparison of cosine similarity and k-NN for automated essays scoring
  38. Improving multilayer perceptron neural network using chaotic grasshopper optimization algorithm to forecast iron ore price volatility
  39. Improved Artificial Bee Colony Using Sine-Cosine Algorithm for Multi-Level Thresholding Image Segmentation
  40. A Modified Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System Using Multi-Verse Optimizer Algorithm for Oil Consumption Forecasting
  41. Effective medical image retrieval technique based on texture features
  42. Sine-Cosine Algorithm to Enhance Simulated Annealing for Unrelated Parallel Machine Scheduling with Setup Times
  43. Evaluation of cisplatin efficiency as a chemotherapeutic drug based on neural networks optimized by genetic algorithm
  44. Metaheuristic Optimization Algorithms Hybridized With Artificial Intelligence Model for Soil Temperature Prediction: Novel Model
  45. Bio-inspired optimization algorithms for improving artificial neural networks: a case study on handwritten letter recognition
  46. Proposed Method for Segmenting Skin Lesions Images
  47. Optimized Forecasting Method for Weekly Influenza Confirmed Cases
  48. A Dataset for Speech Recognition to Support Arabic Phoneme Pronunciation.
  49. Single Arabic Document Summarization Using Natural Language Processing Technique
  50. Multi-Level Image Thresholding Based on Modified Spherical Search Optimizer and Fuzzy Entropy
  51. A Survey of Swarm Intelligence for Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing
  52. Recent Advances in NLP: The Case of Arabic
  53. Recent Advances in NLP: The Case of Arabic Language
  54. Requirement of designing and developing educational web forums
  55. A new multi-objective optimization algorithm combined with opposition-based learning