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  • Position : Professor Emeritus
  • Department : Geology
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  1. Evaluation of hydrocarbon prospects by the use of 3D seismic data at the Cretaceous formations in Jade field, Matruh Basin, North Western Desert, Egypt
  2. Implementation of a Petrographical and Petrophysical Workflow Protocol for Studying the Impact of Heterogeneity on the Rock Typing and Reservoir Quality of Reefal Limestone: A�…
  3. Quantitative Middle Eocene benthic foraminiferal biofacies from west-central Sinai, Egypt: Implications to paleobathymetry and sequence stratigraphy
  4. Hydrological studyat an arid area: case study at Ayun Mousa hot springs, Sinai, Egypt.
  5. Hydrological studyat an arid area: case study at Ayun Mousa hot springs, Sinai, Egypt.
  6. Bahariya Reservoir Performance as Deduced from Well Logs Data Interpretation at East Bahariya Concession, Western Desert, Egypt
  7. Implementation of shallow seismic refraction for geotechnical parameters determination at New Cairo Industrial City, Egypt.
  8. Tectonic evolution of the Southern Gulf of Suez, Egypt: a comparison between depocenter and near peripheral basins
  9. The utilization of seismic interpretation to identify and describe the shallow subsurface structures in the southeastern Mediterranean Sea
  10. Propagation of cylindrical and spherical electron-acoustic solitary wave packets in unmagnetized plasma
  11. Characteristic features of salt tectonics offshore North Sinai, Egypt
  12. Airborne γ-ray spectrometric characteristics of lithological units and environmental issues in the Bahariya Oases area in the northern part of western desert, Egypt
  13. Lithological characteristics and environmental monitoring of Bahariya area, Northeren Western Desert, Egypt using airborne gamma ray spectrometric survey data
  14. Subsurface Geology and Structural setting of Hilal and Shoab Ali Oil Fields, Gulf of Suez, Egypt.
  15. Evolution of the Miocene Evaporites in the Southern Gulf of Suez, Egypt
  16. Contribution of Gravity and Magnetic Data in Delineating the Subsurface Structure of Hammam Faroun Area, Gulf of Suez
  17. Exploration for hydrocarbon prospects using aerial spectral radiometric survey data in Egypt
  18. Geochemistry of Late Cretaceous (60–67 Ma) igneous activities in the hebrides terrace seamount (guyot) area, Scotland
  19. Structural Interpretation of the Topographic,Geologic, Magnetic and Radiospectrometic Linements of Gabal El- Garah Area,Central Eastern Desert, Egypt.
  20. The Deformation of the Post Messinian deposits on the Egyptian Mediterranean Margin
  21. Localization of lateral inhomogeneities using shallow refraction seismic technique
  22. Airborne Gamma – Ray Spectorometiric Survey Data Interpretation of Gabal El Gedami Area Central Eastern Desert, Egypt
  23. Shale Deformation on the Egyptian Mediterranean Margin, Evidence, Seismic Criteria, Origin and Mechanism
  24. Localization of Late inhomogeneties using shallow seismic refraction technique
  25. Magnetic modeling of North Sinai and the southeast Mediterranean
  26. Seismic Structural study on the area south of Manzala Lake, East Nile Delta, Egypt
  27. Seismic Stratigraphy of the continental margin north Of Sinai
  28. Probable Oligocene Volcanic Plugs Underneath The Nile Delta. Their Petroleum Potentials
  29. Crustal modeling of North Sinai and South Eastern Mediterranean area.
  30. Crustal modeling of the continental margin of the central Nile Delta region
  31. The Role of Seismic Stratigraphy in O�l Exploration
  33. Structural evolution of the Nile Cone area, Analysis from seismic data
  34. Movement of Quaternary sediments on the Nile Cone, Evidence from Seismic data
  35. Seismic stratigraphy of the Nile cone sediments
  36. Geologic History of the southern Nile Delta province, A geophysical point of view
  37. Structural evolution of the central Gulf of Suez area from seismic data.
  38. Geophysical studies in the Hebrides Terrace seamount area.