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  • Position : Associate Professor
  • Department : Geology
  • Specification : Applied Geophysics
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Petroleum Geology – Basin Analysis – Subsurface Geology – Sequence Stratigraphy – Deltas – Physical Geology


  • 1 - Research Title:
  • Late Miocene normal faulting beneath the northern Nile Delta: NNW propagation of the Gulf of Suez Rift
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  • 2 - Research Title:
  • Depositional evolution of the Middle-Upper Eocene rocks, Fayum area, Egypt
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  1. Reservoir zonation, rock typing and compartmentalization of the Tortonian-Serravallian sequence, Temsah Gas Field, offshore Nile Delta, Egypt
  2. The efficiency of seismic attributes to differentiate between massive and non-massive carbonate successions for hydrocarbon exploration activity
  3. Wrench tectonics of Abu Gharadig Basin,Western Desert, Egypt: a structural analysis for hydrocarbon prospects
  4. Integration of seismic interpretation and well logging analysis of Abu Roash D Member, Gindi Basin, Egypt: Implication for detecting and evaluating fractured carbonate reservoirs
  5. Late Miocene normal faulting beneath the northern Nile Delta: NNW propagation of the Gulf of Suez Rift
  6. Sequence stratigraphic evolution of the syn-rift Early Cretaceous sediments, West Beni Suef Basin, the Western Desert of Egypt with remarks on its hydrocarbon accumulations
  7. High resolution sequence stratigraphic analysis of the Late Miocene Abu Madi Formation, Northern Nile Delta Basin
  8. Distinguishing rift-related from inversion-related anticlines: observations from the Abu Gharadig and Gindi Basins, Western Desert, Egypt
  9. Evaluation of Nubia sandstone reservoir as inferred from well logging data interpretation for Rabeh East-25 Well, Southwest Gulf of Suez, Egypt
  10. Cenomanian–Turonian depositional history of a post–Gondwana rift succession in the West Beni Suef Basin, Egypt
  11. Seismic and well logging interpretation for evaluation of the lower Bahariya reservoir, southwest Qarun (SWQ) Field, Gindi Basin, Egypt
  12. Seismic – Wireline logs sequence stratigraphic analyses and geologic evolution for the Upper Cretaceous succession of Abu Gharadig basin, Egypt
  13. Depositional evolution of the Middle-Upper Eocene rocks, Fayum area, Egypt
  14. 2D seismic interpretation and hydrocarbon prospects for the Neogene-Quaternary succession in the Temsah Field, offshore Nile Delta Basin, Egypt
  15. Application of Seismic Attributes for Detecting Different Geologic Features within Kafr El-Sheikh Formation, Temsah Concession, Nile Delta Basin
  16. Sequence stratigraphic evolution of The post-rift MEGASEQUENCE in The northern part of The Nile Delta basin, Egypt
  17. Gas-generative potential for the post-Messinian megasequence of Nile Delta Basin: a case study of Tao Field, North Sinai Concession, Egypt
  18. Assessing hydrocarbon prospects in Abu Madi formation using well logging data in El-Qara field, Nile Delta Basin, Egypt
  19. Geophysical appraisal and oil potential for Rudeis Formation at West Hurghada area, southern Gulf of Suez: detection of stratigraphic trap
  20. New prospective gas plays in Pliocene sands, offshore Nile Delta Basin: A case study from Kamose-1 Well at North Sinai Concession, Egypt
  21. Sequence stratigraphic analysis and depositional evolution of the Upper Cretaceous deposits in Ras Budran oil field, Gulf of Suez, Egypt
  22. Well logging data interpretation for appraising the performance of Alam El‑Bueib reservoir in Safir Oil Field, Shushan Basin, Egypt
  23. Possibility of intrusive igneous body beneath the Cretaceous sequence in Abu Gharadig Basin, Egypt: integration of geophysical data interpretations
  24. Total organic carbon content deduced from resistivity-porosity logs overlay: a case study of Abu Roash formation, Southwest Qarun field, Gindi Basin, Egypt
  25. Seismic Delineation and Well Logging Evaluation for Albian Kharita Formation, South West Qarun (SWQ) Field, Gindi Basin, Egypt
  26. Geophysical assessment and hydrocarbon potential of the Cenomanian Bahariya Reservoir in the Abu Gharadig Field, Western Desert, Egypt
  27. Geophysical and hydrocarbon prospect evaluation of Nukhul Formation at Rabeh East oil field, Southern Gulf of Suez Basin, Egypt
  28. Geophysical appraisal for the sandy levels within Abu Roash C and E members in Abu Gharadig Field, Western Desert, Egypt.
  29. 3D Static Reservoir Modelling of Abu Madi Paleo-Valley in Baltim Field, Offshore Nile Delta Basin, Egypt
  30. Petrophysical characterization for Thebes and Mutulla reservoirs in Rabeh East Field, Gulf of Suez Basin, via well logging interpretation
  31. Bahariya Reservoir Performance as Deduced from Well Logs Data Interpretation at East Bahariya Concession, Western Desert, Egypt.
  32. Seismic interpretation and hydrocarbon assessment of the post‑rift Cenomanian Bahariya reservoir, Beni Suef Basin, Egypt
  33. Geophysical appraisal of the Abu Madi gas reservoir, Nile Delta Basin, Egypt: Implications for the tectonic effect on the lateral distribution of petrophysical parameters
  34. Origin of two different deformation styles via active folding mechanisms of inverted Abu El Gharadiq Basin, Western Desert, Egypt
  35. Reservoir quality and expected fluids for the Ordovician Hawaz sandstone in the NC186 Concession, Murzuq Basin, Libya
  36. Effectiveness of Minimum Bulk Volume of Water (BVWmin) and Minimum True Resistivity (Rtmin) for Understanding Reservoir Performance: A Case Study of Hawaz Formation, Murzuq�…
  37. Sequence Stratigraphic Evolution of Northern Nile Delta Basin: Sedimentary Basin Analysis.
  38. Depositional Evolution of the Eocene sediments, Fayum Area, Egypt: Basin Analysis Approach