The students’ E-portal (Myu)

تاريخ الإضافة : 30.09.2021

Damietta university announces for the students  the necessity of using the E-portal(Myu) this   year 2021/2022  instead of the previous system (Ibn Alhaitham for students affairs).

Features of the Student Portal (Myu) : 

 • Registration of courses

• View the lectures

• View study schedules

• Email Subscription

• Recording the divisions

• Conducting surveys

• View exam schedules and results

Note: Regarding restoring the login data on the system, it is by querying the system itself or by referring to the Student Affairs Department at the faculty .

How to enter on the system (Myu) as shown in the pictures:

To enter the system, click here

Note ** The e-mail through which you can benefit from Google Workspace services, Microsoft Teams services, download free programs and Internet service within the university, where the entry is made with the same login data on the e-mail.

A tutorial Video  to learn how to use Microsoft Teams

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The students’ E-portal (Myu)Damietta University | E-portal