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The university president attends an introductory seminar about the Equal Opportunities and Women’s Empowerment Unit


        Today, Wednesday, November 22, 2023, Prof. Hemdan Rabie Al-Metwally, President of Damietta University, witnessed an introductory symposium on the Equal Opportunities and Women’s Empowerment Unit at Damietta University and its role in supporting women and society, which is organized by the Community Service and Environmental Development Sector in cooperation with the National Council for Women, in the presence of Prof. Wael Farouk. Al-Taybany, Vice President of the University for Education and Student Affairs, under the supervision of Prof. Shreen Mohamad Ghallab, Director of the Equal Opportunities and Women’s Empowerment Unit, and a number of distinguished faculty members, women leaders at the university, administrators, and university students. The symposium was attended by Prof. Mahdia Al-Nagar, Vice Dean of the College of Applied Arts for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Ghada Al-Sayad, Head of the Textile Department at the College of Applied Arts and Unit Coordinator at the National Council for Women, Ms. Marwa Mohamad Nabil, Rapporteur of the National Council for Women in Damietta, and Ms. Marwa Abd. Halim Al-Nagar, member of the National Council for Women in Damietta. The symposium began with the Republican Anthem, then a recitation of verses from the Holy Qur’an, followed by an address by Prof. Mahdia Al-Nagar, in which she spoke about the role of women in supporting the economy, their effective role at Damietta University, and their work in various workshops at the university, such as home economics and clothing making workshops. Then addressed by Prof. Ghada Al-Sayad, who talked about ways of cooperation between Damietta University and the National Council for Women. This was followed by an address by Marwa Abd Al Haleem, in which she talked about the role of the 100 Million Health Initiative and the early detection of breast cancer and chronic diseases.

Then came an address by Prof. Wael Farouk Al-Taybany, where he stressed the importance of the role of women in society, as they represent half of society, stressing that Egyptian women prove every day their ability to bear national and social responsibility as an active partner in Egyptian society. During the address, the university president welcomed the guests, thanking all those who contributed to organizing such meetings, stressing that Damietta University will remain an incubator for activities that contribute to supporting women, which are the foundation of society. It will also remain a platform for continuing discussion seminars in a way that contributes to supporting and advancing society. He also stressed that women at the university are true national partners and have an effective role in all fields, noting that the university is full of distinguished female leaders in various sectors, and the university always works to provide a stimulating work environment that encourages women to continue their career path and develop their leadership skills.


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Community Service & Environmental Development Affairs’ Council 132


          Today, Tuesday, November 21, 2023, Community Service & Environmental Development Affairs’ Council held its 132nd session under the chairmanship of Prof. / Hemdan Rabie Al-Metwally, President of Damietta University, and in the presence of the vice deans of the faculties for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs.

The University President began the council by thanking the Community Service and Environmental Development Sector for the effort made in organizing the 100 Days of Health initiative, which lasted 12 days in the faculties of Damietta University in cooperation with Damietta Health Directorate.

The University President also honored Mr. Abdo Abdel Razzek Abu Al-Ela, who is responsible for the medical care fund for faculty members and university employees, for reaching retirement age and thanked him in appreciation for his efforts during the past years.

Then His Excellency moved to the Council’s topics.


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Damietta University continues to appear in international rankings


        Damietta University maintained its appearance in the British Times Arab University Rankings THE: Arab University Rankings 2023 for the third year. In its evaluation of Arab universities, it relies on the same methodology used in the Times classification of world universities, with (16) standard performance indicators equivalent to 100%. It was distributed into five main areas in the following proportions:

Teaching (learning environment) 30%,

 and research (volume or rate of research productivity, research income, research reputation) 30%,

Reference citations (research impact) 30%,

 Internationalization (international students, international professors, international cooperation) 7.5%,

 Application in industry (knowledge transfer) 2.5%,

With some modifications that included some new standards, such as the extent of scientific cooperation between Arab countries, the extent of the impact of research published in the Arabic language, study abroad, and patents. Damietta University ranked 101-120 out of a total of 313 ranked Arab universities. Note that the percentages for some indicators have been changed from last year and some new measures have been added.

On this occasion, His Excellency Professor Dr. Hemdan Rabie, President of the University, extends his deepest thanks and appreciation to all the University’s employees, including leaders, faculty members, supporting staff, and administrators. His Excellency also extends his thanks to Professor Dr. Amany Al-Desty, Director of the International Classification and Publishing Unit at the University, for the effort she and the classification team made to complete the university’s data required for this classification.

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King Abdullah II Award for innovation


The Board of Trustees of the King Abdullah II Award for innovation announced the opening of applications to participate in the eleventh session (2023-2024). The topics participating in this session include the following:

Field of Arts and Literature: Topic (The Role of Technology in Teaching the Arabic Language Applications).

Field of Science: Topic (Artificial Intelligence and Education, Opportunities and Challenges).

Arab City Field: Topic (New Cities, Opportunities and Challenges).

The submitted work must be original and distinguished, must be published or annotated in Arabic or translated into Arabic, the applicant must be a citizen of Arab countries, and individuals must be nominated through the relevant institutions.

The award aims to build positive, creative competition between Jordanian and Arab scientists and innovators, and to support innovators and scientists,

Deadline for sending nominations and works: January 31, 2024

For inquiries from the award administration: Contact via email:

To apply, please visit the following link:



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Grants from Hong Kong


The Consulate General of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Hong Kong announced providing 300 grants for doctoral studies at various universities in Hong Kong for the academic year 2024/2025 for a period of 3 years, the donor will provide a monthly salary equivalent to 3,530 US dollars and a travel allowance for research and conferences worth 1,760 US dollars annually for a period of three years.

Application deadline: September 10, 2023 / December 1, 2023 at 12:00 Hong Kong time.

To view all application conditions, available specializations, and how to apply, please kindly visit the following link:

Note that the Central Administration of Missions does not defray any expenses for these grants

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The President of the University inspects the electronic tests for students of the Faculty of Human Medicine


         Today, Thursday, November 16, 2023, Prof. Hemdan Rabie Al-Metwally, President of Damietta University, inspected the second-year exams at the Faculty of Medicine (half of the first term for the subject of the gastrointestinal system), which are held electronically at the Electronic Testing Center at the headquarters of the university’s electronic laboratories. He was accompanied by Prof. Wael Farouk Al-Taybani, Vice President of the University. For Education and Student Affairs and the Supervisor of the College of Medicine, Prof. Nasra Naeem Ayoub, Vice Dean of the College for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Bassem Al-Deek, Vice Dean of the College for Community Service Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Zayed, Director of the Electronic Testing Center at the University, Engineer Mohamad Al-Meslmany, Director of the University’s Information Center and Network, and Prof. Wael Abd Al Kader Awad, Acting Dean of the College of Computers and Artificial Intelligence. The President of the University reassured the smooth conduct of exams in all aspects and praised the outstanding effort being provided at the Electronic Testing Center. His Excellency stressed the University’s keenness to advance the learning process and implement electronic tests, which is one of the most important goals of sustainable development “Egypt Vision 2030,” towards digital transformation. For all educational outcomes systems that play an essential role in monitoring the quality of education and student performance, he pointed out that the progress of exams is constantly monitored, and any problems or obstacles that appear during their holding are constantly monitored and solved.


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Union of Arab Universities Award for Distinguished Scientific Theses


 The Union of Arab Universities announced the opening of nominations for the best master’s thesis and the best doctoral thesis award for the year 2023 in various fields, including basic and applied sciences related to employing modern digital technology to achieve sustainable development goals, as well as in the field of green economy and its impact on human health, in addition to the humanities and social sciences related to mental health topics.

In this context, applicants with Master's and Doctoral degrees must fulfill the following conditions to qualify for the award.

  1. The project nominates only one thesis from the previous thesis discussed at the university for the academic years 2020/2021/2022 in the fields referred to.
  2. It requires that the candidate hold an academic degree from the university to which the dissertation is affiliated.
  3. The message must be characterized by creativity and innovation.
  4. Contribute in solving the problems of Arab society.
  5. If your research have published in a peer-reviewed international scientific journal, or achieved a patent in the fields of basic and applied sciences, medical sciences, engineering sciences and technology, and agricultural sciences, you must provide proof of this.
  6. The nominated scientific thesis should be sent electronically with its summary in Arabic, and the number of lines of the summary must not exceed twenty, for theses written in foreign languages. In addition, the researcher's CV and personal photo must be submitted.
  • The deadline for applying to the award will be December 25, 2023.

Only four awards are selected from among all the candidates from Arab universities, and the awards consist of two doctoral awards and two-master’s awards.

Distinguished thesis awards in the doctoral program include $4,000 for first place and $2,500 for second place. As for the Distinguished Thesis Awards in the Master’s Program, they include $2,000 for first place and $1,500 for second place. Nominations can be sent via


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Awareness media guide to reproductive health messages and population concepts


The awareness media guide for reproductive health messages and population concepts issued by the National Population Council has been announced. To view the guide, click here.


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Hackathon "Emerging technologies to empower people of determination"


 The hackathon » Emerging Technologies to Empower People of Determination» was announced in its third edition, which is organized by Banha University in February 11 -13, 2024, applications for participation will continue to be received until December 31, 2023. Anyone who wishes to participate must register his or her information through the attached link, as well as through the General Administration of Student Care at the university, to complete the procedures for participating in the competition.

For more information about the competition, click here

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