Dean’s Speech

Dean's Word Dear Sons and Daughters, Students of the Faculty of Agriculture, Damietta University. I’m pleased to welcome you all at this promising educational and scientific edifice. In this edifice we aim to graduate qualified and distinguished students capable of competing locally and regionally in the agricultural fields. This is to comply with the latest skills required by the labor market and to be capable of adapting with the changes in the surrounding environment, enriching scientific research and contributing to the sustainable development of our society. The goal of the college is to provide the appropriate scientific environment for students, by providing strong infrastructure and curricula that meet the needs of the modern era. This is with the support of elite group of scientists in all disciplines capable of delivering knowledge in a manner that suits students. Dear students, you are the real wealth of this country, the scientists of tomorrow, and the leaders of the future. Therefore, I invite you all to get the advanced educational services provided by the college. I also invite you to be more deterministic and perseverant in studying and educational attainment. This is along with the commitment and discipline to the instructions of university life. I urge you to join all the activities offered by the college. These activities will contribute to refining your talents and will create an atmosphere that enables you to innovate, excel and open new horizons for science and knowledge. I’m also taking this opportunity to extend my deepest thanks and gratitude to the faculty members, the supporting staff for their time and efforts to take raise the Faculty of Agriculture into the first ranks. The fruits of this will return on the labor market and the agricultural sector in our beloved country. This is in addition to the implementation of the directions of the political leadership and the vision of Egypt in 2030. I am absolutely certain that you will combine your efforts and initiate your scientific qualifications to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of development and prosperity. Praying to Almighty God that our college becomes an inspiration of higher education, a foundation for the development of agriculture, and a tributary of community service in Egypt. God bless everyone and wish you all the best

Prof. Dr. / Metoly Mostafa Sleem
Acting Dean of the Faculty