Dean’s Speech

I have the pleasure to welcome all the visitors in the Faculty of Agriculture Site at Damietta University. We hope to upgrade it by the teamwork method in all domains and hope to have an effective and constructive role in serving the community and students to upgrade together and to keep pace with the technological scientific development.

My Dear Students.. The faculty seeks to achieve your goals and ambitions. This is will be achieved only by your effective participation in all activities that provided by the faculty to create a conscious generation able to bear the responsibility in forming the future of Egypt. Our Country not promoted without you, your pride of Arabism ad your respect for your professors. We invite all of you to do your effort, exertion, persistence and get knowledge to promote together.

May Allah guide us as students, professors and staffs to what is good for Egypt and what is make it upgrade.

Prof. Ahmed LotfyWanas
Dean of Faculty of Agriculture