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Physics Department

Head of Department

Prof. Wael Farouk Hamed El-Taibany.

Vision and Mission

Our vision and mission derive their strength from a friendly and interesting environment and as well as the good co-operation between the staff members.

Vision :

Our department vision is that a department being recognized nationally and internationally for its excellence in research and teaching.


The mission of the physics department is two-fold: to effectively, teach physics in order to provide distinguished physics education to its student, and to conduct excellent research in physics.

Aims of the physics department

The goals of the department of physics in the faculty of science, Damietta University is built upon the mission statement of the University "to advance learning and knowledge by teaching and searching in physical Sciences, theoretical and experimental”. Our strategic objective aims to: provide an excellent undergraduate and graduate education to scientific students that will enable them to make significant contributions to the advancement of our country;
i. develop a culture of research and professionalism that will contribute to the country’s progress as well as to the personal growth and development of the members of the department;
ii. develop outstanding physists, physics educators, and physics professionals who will become leaders in shaping the country’s future;
iii. strengthen collaboration between physics as well as with other disciplinaries ;
iv. encourage and advance links with industry;
v. increase the ability to think and communicate physically - precisely, logically and creatively;
vi. help all students to achieve their physical potential.

Head of department speech

I would like to welcome all students and visitors to the website of the Department of Physics at the Faculty of Science, Damietta University. The Physics Department was established in the year 1977 as a Department in the Faculty of Education, then in 1985, the Faculty of Science was established. The vision of the department agrees with the vision of the faculty and the University to raise the level of educating physics, scientific research and community service which represents the vital purpose to our department. The department grants Bachelor in "Physics" and "Physics and Computer Science" as well as Master of Science (MSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees in both experimental and theoretical physics. Once again, welcome to all of you at our department and good luck to you to learn and grow and make all of us proud of you.

Head of physics department council
Prof. Wael Farouk El-Taibany