Faculty Aims

The first purpose: Provide an educational environment, integrated academic surroundings, adopt the applied researches, scientific projects and encourage the international scientific publishing.

1- Provide and improve the infrastructure to make the students able to broaden their educational chances and practice activities.
2- Provide an academic climate to increase the educational and learning chances to students.
3- Develop the abilities and skills of the faculty staff members, assistance authority in the domain of teaching and learning.
4- Activate the quality assurance measures to develop education.
5- Establish the cooperation relations between the faculty and surrounding community culturally, socially and economically.

The second purpose: the effectiveness development of the local community and achieve the cohesion between the faculty and community.

1- Highlight the faculty role in community service and environmental development.
2- Strengthening the relation among the faculty, environment and surrounding community.
3- Apply Research and scientific studies and activate the role of the faculty as an experience home that achieves the community desires.

The third purpose: Prepare distinguished cadres cognitively, skillfully and professionally in science fields thatcompete with labour market.

1- Spread the concepts of quality culture to upgrade the performance level of faculty staff members and their assistants.
2- Introduce programs and training courses.
3- Encourage and attract the outstanding faculty staff members.

The fourth purpose: Provide chances and field of continuing education through developed graduate studies programs to cope with the time challenges.

1- Update and develop the graduate studies (diploma- masters- doctoral) that cope with the scientific progress in the principal sciences.
2- Provide a suitable atmosphere to attract more from the newcomer students.

The fifth purpose: Upgrade the scientific researches and confirm the faculty identity as a specialized cultural scientific researches center beside it considers a specified educational institution.

1- Establish a fixed and continuous data for scientific research at the faculty.
2- Provide a suitable research and academic atmosphere to enhance innovation in the scientific research.
3- Determine the necessary research fields in the local and regional environment and enhance the competitive ability.
4- Measure the performance in comparison to the competitors on permanent basics.
5- Continuous review to the strategy of scientific research and evaluate its effectiveness.