Dean's Message

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

I have the honour to extend my sincere greeting, love and respect to the visitors of the site. After greeting and welcoming I have the pleasure to clarify to you that our faculty considers a deep-rooted faculty. It constructed for more than 20 years since this date the Faculty of Specific Education at Damietta University -and through its affiliationto the Ministry of Higher Education and Mansoura university then Damietta university- makes a substantial and profitable contributions in solving the community problems by providingthe specific instructor and specialist in the different fields and activities in the faculty, to schools in the various education stages. Faculty of Specific Education seeks to achieve a distinguished scientific position in the light of the comprehensive quality particularly in the fields of education development and community services enhancement through the different activities and the researches to help in the sustainable development of the community. Of course the faculty has a leader role in community development. Governorate people and some of the other governorates benefit from this vital role; where many high experienced people in its various specializations graduated from it which occupy various and different leading positionsleads to serve the educational process in Damietta and other governorate as wellin the Arab countries. I would like to say that the faculty and its members have the ability to develop and update its curriculum andhave the ability toevaluate the performance of its professors and staffs beside encourage the distinguished, outstanding and talented from its students. The matter that make it has the ability to proficiency, competition and interaction with the labour markets in the hustle of the successive scientific revolution in all sciences that is related to, the matter that call to the necessity of absorption, follow up and cope with all progress forces and the everlasting readiness for updating and innovation. The Faculty Administration seeks to develop its performance in the spirit of friendliness, tolerance, reconciliation and loyal hard work among all its individuals and that what we should all seek for and also work via transparency and the general interest before the specific one. From this point, I heed a call to all graduates to apply to the graduate studies at the faculty to develop the community generally where there are a special diploma, masters and doctorate. I say that we make every effort during the next period to develop the faculty regulation to be with credit hours system after providing the requirements and demands of this in future from the faulty staff members, assistance authority and different possibilities. I hope from my heart that there will be an effective role in our faculty in all levels; God willing, this will be completed through the faculty people. Wish to the visitors of the site to benefit from the different services and to know the scientific departments and different activities that provide through the site. I promise you to develop the contents and capabilities of the site in a permanent way and try to mechanize works in the faculty to serve everyone and develop the performance in it. Allah help you

Dean of the Faculty of Specific Education at Damietta University
Prof. Mohamed MohamedRefat El Basyouni