Faculty Goals

The faculty goals in education field:

-To prepare and qualify a specific education teacher for pre-university education in the following fields:

  • Computer teacher preparation
  • Home economics
  • Specialists in educational media
  • Art education
  • Music education

- To improve professional & scientific level of employees in the following teaching fields; art education, home economics, computer, music education and educational media …etc. and to provide them with contemporary scientific & educational trends via training courses and postgraduate studies which are held .

The faculty goals In postgraduate and research field:
  • To qualify researchers to get master's degree and PhD degree.
  • To conduct scientific and field researchers .

The faculty goals In community service and environment development field:
  • To Provide counseling to various organizations and cooperation with various bodies and scientific & cultural institutions whether the Egyptian, Arab or international to handle specialized common issues.
  • Contribution in developing thoughts and the practice in environment service field .
  • To prepare specialists in the specific fields which social development programs require .

Strategic Goals
  • Rehabilitation of buildings and facilities to meet requirements of educational process. Supply and equip classrooms, auditoriums, laboratories and workshops with modern educational aids and devices.
  • Improving the efficiency of (academic and administrative leadership) - faculty members, their assistants and administrative machinery).
  • Developing teaching & learning process and assessment methods, establishment of a system for monitoring performance and continuous assessment of educational effectiveness as well.
  • Improving facilities for self learning.
  • Developing academic programs and courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students in line with the needs of the local & regional labor markets and global variables.
  • Developing methods, tools and resources of scientific research and develop research plans consistent with university research plan and new global trends.
  • Activating community participation and communication between the faculty and its graduates.