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  1. Genetic Determinants for n-Butanol Tolerance in Evolved Escherichia coli Mutants: Cross Adaptation and Antagonistic Pleiotropy between n-Butanol and Other���
  2. CRISPR/Cas9-mediated engineering of Escherichia coli for n-butanol production from xylose in defined medium�
  3. Genetic improvement of n-butanol tolerance in Escherichia coli by heterologous overexpression of groESL operon from Clostridium acetobutylicum�
  4. Improved Butanol Production Using FASII Pathway in E. coli�
  5. Boosting isoprene production via heterologous expression of the Kudzu isoprene synthase gene (kIspS) into Bacillus spp. cell factory�
  6. Engineering E. coli to synthesize butanol�
  7. A genetic toolkit for co-expression of multiple proteins of diverse physiological implication�
  8. Plant�microbe�microbe interactions influence the faba bean nodule colonization by diverse endophytic bacteria�
  9. Direct biohydrogen production from algae�
  10. Engineered nanomaterials uptake, bioaccumulation and toxicity mechanisms in plants�
  11. Development and use of CRISPR in industrial applications�
  12. Metabolic engineering for microbial cell factories�
  13. Identification and Characterization of Resistance Gene Analog (RGA) and the Leaf Rust Resistance Gene Lr21 from the Wheat Cultivar Giza168�
  14. Targeted Strain Engineering to Produce Bioenergy�
  15. Ecosafe Farming with Microbes�
  16. Isolation and Characterization of Gene(s) Responsible for Tolerating Biofuel Production�
  17. Identification and Cloning of Some Rust Resistance Genes in Wheat�