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  • Growth stimulation and inhibition by salt in relation to Na+ manipulating genes in xero-halophyte Atriplex halimus L.
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  • Physiological aspects of tolerance in Atriplex halimus L. to NaCl and drought
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  • Regulation of metabolomics in Atriplex halimus growth under salt and drought stress
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  • Keys for and morphological character variation in some Egyptian cultivars of Cucurbitaceae
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  1. Proline induces the expression of salt‐stress‐responsive proteins and may improve the adaptation of Pancratium maritimum L. to salt‐stress
  2. The importance of phytogenic mounds (Nebkhas) for restoration of arid degraded rangelands in Northern Sinai
  3. Water quality assessment with simultaneous Landsat-5 TM at Manzala Lagoon, Egypt.
  4. Distribution of aquatic plants in relation to environmental factors in the Nile Delta
  5. Vegetation composition of a threatened hypersaline lake (Lake Bardawil), North Sinai
  6. Relationships between landforms, soil characteristics and dominant xerophytes in the hyper-arid northern United Arab Emirates
  7. Regulation of metabolomics in Atriplex halimus growth under salt and drought stress
  8. Zonation pattern of Avicennia marina and Rhizophora mucronata along the Red Sea Coast, Egypt
  9. Physiological aspects of tolerance in Atriplex halimus L. to NaCl and drought
  10. A DREB gene from the xero-halophyte Atriplex halimus is induced by osmotic but not ionic stress and shows distinct differences from glycophytic homologues
  11. Remote sensing of water quality for Burullus Lake, Egypt
  12. Determinants of floristic diversity and vegetation composition on the islands of Lake Burollos, Egypt
  13. Phylogenetic diversity and ecological features in the Egyptian flora
  14. Floristic composition and phytogeography in a Mediterranean deltaic lake (Lake Burollos), Egypt
  15. Aquatic macrophyte distribution in Lake Manzala, Egypt
  16. Vegetation–environment relationships along El‐Salam Canal, Egypt
  17. Vegetation zonation and management in the Damietta estuary of the River Nile
  18. A note on the vegetation on islands in Lake Manzala, Egypt
  19. Growth stimulation and inhibition by salt in relation to Na+ manipulating genes in xero-halophyte Atriplex halimus L.
  20. Allelopathic effect of Nymphaea lotus L. on growth and yield of cultivated rice around Lake Manzala (Nile Delta)
  21. Ecology of the rampant weed Nymphaea lotus L. Willdenow in natural and ricefield habitats of the Nile delta, Egypt
  22. Functional similarity and dissimilarity facilitate alien plant invasiveness along biotic and abiotic gradients in an arid protected area
  23. Growth, photosynthesis and stress-inducible genes of Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. ex Steudel from different habitats
  24. Nutrients alleviate the deleterious effect of salinity on germination and early seedling growth of the psammophytic grass
  25. Richness, phylogenetic diversity, and abundance all have positive effects on invader performance in an arid ecosystem
  26. On the ecology of some halophytes and psammophytes in the Mediterranean coast of Egypt
  27. Ecotoxicological assessment of toxic elements contamination in mangrove ecosystem along the Red Sea coast, Egypt
  28. Population structure and ecological role of Moringa peregrina (Forssk.) Fiori. at its northwestern range edge in the Hajar Mountains
  29. Qat farms in Yemen: Ecology, dangerous impacts and future promise
  30. Physical and chemical characteristics of mangrove soil under marine influence. A case study on the Mangrove Forests at Egyptian-African Red Sea Coast.
  31. Invasion risk assessment using trait-environment and species distribution modelling techniques in an arid protected area: Towards conservation prioritization
  32. Drought stress affects gas exchange and uptake and partitioning of minerals in swallowwort (Cynanchum acutum L.)
  33. Mountainous landscape vegetation and species composition at Wadi Helo: A protected area in Hajar mountains, UAE
  34. Ecology of some aquatic plants in polluted water courses, Nile Delta, Egypt
  35. Comparative study on the plant life of two Mediterranean Deltaic lakes in Egypt
  36. The shoreline and aquatic vegetation of El-Salam canal, Egypt
  37. Ecological studies on Lake Manzala
  38. Plant life in two Mediterranean lakes before the construction of the River Nile Canal in Sinai, Egypt
  39. Keys for and morphological character variation in some Egyptian cultivars of Cucurbitaceae
  40. Phytoplankton distribution in relation to environmental factors along the Suez Canal and the Red Sea coast of Egypt
  41. Species diversity and phenology in the wetland vegetation of Sewa Oasis, in the Western desert of Egypt
  42. Environmental Influences on the Distribution and Abundance of Waterlettuce(Pistia stratiotes L.) in Egypt
  44. Floristic study of Saint Katherine protectorate, Sinai: with one new record to flora of Egypt
  45. Responses and tolerance mechanisms of mangrove trees to the ambient salinity along the Egyptian Red Sea Coast
  46. Regional patterns of rarity and life history elements in the flora of Egypt
  47. Response to salt stress of two wetland grasses of forage potentialities
  48. Tree biomass and soil carbon stocks of a mangrove ecosystem on the Egyptian-African Red Sea coast
  49. Distribution and environmental relations of the aquatic macrophytes in the northeast section, Nile Delta, Egypt
  50. Phytochemical Constituents and Antibacterial Activity of the Medicinal Herb Deverra tortuosa (Desf.) DC.
  51. Performance and chemical composition of three Echinochloa grasses over short term experiment
  52. An Ecological Study on Two Geophytes: Asparagus stipularis Forssk. and Asphodelus aestivus Brot. in the Mediterranean Coast of Egypt
  53. Ecology and economic potentialities of the dominant salt-tolerant reeds and rushes in the Nile Delta
  54. Phytoecology of Zaranik Lagoon, Lake Bardawil, North Sinai
  55. Bioactive constituents and allelopathic activities of the invasive weed Ranunculus sceleratus L. Nile Delta, Egypt
  56. Maturation of Atriplex halimus L. leaves involves changes in the molecular regulation of stomatal conductance under high evaporative demand and high but not low�…
  57. Antioxidant activity and phenolic profile of wild and cultivated endemic Origanum syriacum var. Sinaicum in Saint Catherine protectorate, southern Sinai
  58. The salt marsh vegetation of Lake Bardawil, North Sinai, an overview
  59. Vegetation of Lake Manzala islands, Egypt
  60. The success of alien plants in an arid ecosystem: Structural equation modeling reveals hidden effects of soil resources
  61. Contrasting alien effects on native diversity along biotic and abiotic gradients in an arid protected area
  62. Ecological and essential oils characteristics of Deverra tortuosai (Desf.) DC. in Egyptian deserts
  63. Ecological study of the invasive weed Lepidium virginicum L. in the fields of the Nile Delta coast
  64. Differential responses of aquatic and aerobic forms of Echinochloa crus-galli (L.) Beauv. and E. colona (L.) Link. by morpho-physiological and molecular analysis
  65. Anatomical adaptations of some Egyptian xerophytes.
  66. Molecular and Physiological Responses of Naturally Grown Atriplex halimus L. to Drought-Stress Recovery in the Absence or Presence of Na+ Ions Under Natural�…
  67. Niche differentiation of two congeneric Phlomis species in Egypt
  68. Clinopodium serpyllifolium subsp. barbatum (Lamiaceae) and Datura ferox (Solanaceae): New records for the flora of Egypt
  69. Responses of shrubs and under-shrubs to protection against grazing in two islands of Lake Bardawil, Mediterranean coast of Egypt
  70. Ecology and seasonal growth patterns for Ottelia alismoides (L.) Pers., in freshwater habitats in Egypt
  71. Floristic composition, chorotypes and life form of the Musallata, natural reserve, Libya
  72. Different Responses of Echinochloa crus-galli and Echinochloa colona to Bisbyric-sodium (Nominee tm)
  74. Modelling current and future distribution of some invasive weeds at local and global scales under climatic change
  75. Bioaccumulation of some heavy metals by four exotic weeds in the coastal area of Nile Delta, Egypt
  76. Carbohydrate fractionation of two congeneric Phlomis species from different microhabitats at Saint Katherine and the western Mediterranean coast of Egypt
  77. Assessment of nurses’ competency level regarding the care of infants with congenital anomalies of central nervous System
  78. Form of the Nitrogen Source Affects the Response of the Two Congeneric Rumex Species to Phosphorus Nutrition in The Nile Delta Coast
  79. Microhabitats Supporting Endemic Plants in Sinai, Egypt
  80. Ecological Study on Two Grass Species in the Coastal Wetlands of the Nile Delta, Egypt
  81. Role of Na+ manipulating genes in Phragmites australis adaptation to different habitats
  82. Effects of Water Level and Nutrients on Growth and Chemical Composition of Two Wetland Sedges in the Nile Delta
  85. Vegetation types of Lake Burollos sand bar and their role in the lake development
  86. Pollen morphology of Aizoaceae in Egypt