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  • Position : Associate Professor
  • Department : Computer Science
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  • Work Phone : 2403866/057
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  1. Face recognition: A literature review
  2. Multi-spectral and panchromatic image fusion approach using stationary wavelet transform and swarm flower pollination optimization for remote sensing applications
  3. Remote sensing image fusion approach based on Brovey and wavelets transforms
  4. Extended inverse Weibull distribution with reliability application
  5. Hybrid intelligent system-based rough set and ensemble classifier for breast cancer diagnosis
  6. Image Fusion Techniques in Remote sensing
  7. Fusion of multi-spectral and panchromatic satellite images using principal component analysis and fuzzy logic
  8. An efficient algorithm for 3D hand gesture recognition using combined neural classifiers
  9. Exact transient solutions of nonempty Markovian queues
  10. Transient solution of a random walk with chemical rule
  11. On Marshall-Olkin Extended Inverse Weibull Distribution: Properties and Estimation Using Type-II Censoring Data
  12. Identification of diabetes disease using committees of neural network-based classifiers
  13. Transient solution of a non-empty chemical queueing system
  14. An adaptive image fusion rule for remote sensing images based on the particle swarm optimization
  15. Robust boosted parameter based combined classifier for rotation invariant texture classification
  16. Filter Based Feature Selection for Automatic Detection of Erythemato-squamous Diseases
  17. A new explicit solution for a chemical queue
  18. Marshall–Olkin extended inverse Weibull distribution: different methods of estimations
  19. Bayesian Estimation of Marshall Olkin Extended Inverse Weibull Distribution Using MCMC Approach
  20. Social Media Big Data Analysis: Towards Enhancing Competitiveness of Firms in a Post-Pandemic World
  21. Business Intelligence for Risk Management: A Review
  22. Cloud storage facility as a fluid queue controlled by Markovian queue
  23. E-Bayesian and Hierarchical Bayesian Estimations for the Inverse Weibull Distribution
  24. Region-based Image Fusion Approach of Panchromatic and Multi-spectral Images
  25. Analysis of the busy period of the chemical queue: a series approach
  26. Ensemble Classifier System for Automatic Diagnosis of Thyroid Disease
  27. A novel algorithmic approach using little theorem of Fermat for generating primes and Poulet numbers in order
  28. Separated Flow Through a Gap Between Two Coaxial Peristaltic Tubes
  29. A New Analysis of a Fluid Queue Driven By M/M/1 Queue
  30. Fluid Queue driven by Markovian Queue with Matrix Approach
  31. A new explicit algorithmic method for generating the prime numbers in order
  32. On the Analysis of Shortest Queue with Catastrophes and Restricted Capacities
  33. Two-Class Priority Queueing System with Restricted Number of Priority Customers and Catastrophes
  34. Neuro-Fuzzy Ensemble Model-Based Rough Set Classifier Selection for Automatic Detection of Heart
  35. Ensemble neuro-fuzzy model based rough set classifier selection for automatic detection of heart disease
  36. Alternative analysis of a fluid queue driven by markovian queue