King Abdullah II Award for innovation

Date: 17.01.2024

        The Board of Trustees of the King Abdullah II Award for Innovation announced the opening of applications to participate in the eleventh session (2023-2024). The topics participating in this session include the following:

Field of Arts and Literature: Topic (The Role of Technology in Teaching the Arabic Language Applications).

Field of Science: Topic (Artificial Intelligence and Education, Opportunities and Challenges).

Arab City Field: Topic (New Cities, Opportunities and Challenges).

The submitted work must be original and distinguished, must be published or annotated in Arabic or translated into Arabic, the applicant must be a citizen of Arab countries, and individuals must be nominated through the relevant institutions.

The award aims to build positive, creative competition between Jordanian and Arab scientists and innovators, and to support innovators and scientists,

Deadline for sending nominations and works: January 31, 2024

For inquiries from the award administration: Contact via email:

To apply, please visit the following link:



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