The university president welcomes incoming students to follow up on their conditions

Date: 08.01.2024

 Today, Monday, January 8, 2024, Prof. Hemdan Rabie, President of the University, met with international students at all academic levels, in the presence of Prof. Mohammad Al-Bahnasawy, Director of the University’s Expatriates Department, Dr. Amani Al-Desty, Assistant Professor at the College of Arts and Director of the University’s Classifications Unit, and Dr. Mohammad Heikal, Assistant Professor at the College of Education. This comes within the framework of His Excellency’s keenness to constantly follow up on the conditions of expatriates, and the meeting included the University President listening to the comments of the expatriate students to identify any obstacles they face and take the necessary measures to remove them. As part of his interest in integrating them into all student activities, His Eminence declared holding a football competition for all expatriates. He also pointed out the imminent opening of the expatriate club at the university, to provide an appropriate educational and social environment for all expatriate students to be ambassadors for the university after returning to their homelands.


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