Scholarships provided by the Mauritius government

The Embassy of Mauritius in Cairo reported that the Mauritian government provides scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate studies to all African countries and member states of the British Commonwealth.

Application deadline: April 26, 2024

For more information to get application forms and a sample instruction manual, you can refer to the electronic link shown below: -

After completing the application forms and attaching all the required documents, go to the Central Administration for Scholarships at the following address (7 Dr. Ibrahim Abu Al-Naga Street - Al-Sefarat District - Ministry of Higher Education - Fourth Floor). If the applicant is in any government agency, we will be provided with his agency’s approval to nominate for the scholarship.

Note that the Central Administration of Missions does not defray any expenses for these scholarships

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Scholarships provided by the Mauritius governmentFaculty of Education || Damietta University