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King Hemdan Al Rashed Maktom’s Award for to develop the capabilities of teachers

Postgraduate Affairs 31.05.2021 39560

      The Administration of International Organizations and Conferences at the General Department of Cultural Relations of the Supreme Council of Universities refers to what was reported to the Council’s secretariat by  Prof. / General -Secretary of the Egyptian National Committee for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO - ALECSO - ISISTO), Concerning the Invitation of the General -Director of UNESCO to the Member States of the Organization to send their nominations for the UNESCO / King Hemdan bin Rashed Al Maktoum Award for Teachers capabilities Development in its seventh edition for the year 2021 – 2202.

The guideline for the award, how to apply for nomination, and the required conditions can be found through the following link:


Completing  the award form, which is available in both English and French, through the following electronic link:


- All required documents  should be sent to the National Commission for UNESCO through the following e-mail, not later than October 7, 2021, so that the Commission can decide on the submitted nominations.




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