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The idea of opening classes for some faculties of Mansoura university in Damietta came in to light when the number of Mansoura University students in Damietta increased .Then, the decisions to setup the branch colleges followed according to the regulations of the corresponding faculties. The College of Education began work in the academic year 1976-1977, the College of science and the College of commerce in the academic year 85-1986, The College of Specific Education, in 90-1991, The College of Applied Arts in 2004-2005 then Colleges of Agriculture, Arts and Physical Education in the academic year 2006-2007.

In 2007, the presidential decree No. (276) was issued to set up a branch in Damietta. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Bassiouni Sweilem Vice President of Mansoura University for Education and Student Affairs oversaw the affairs of the branch until the Prime Minister issued the decree No. (141) on 17/1/2008, to appoint Prof. Bishri Abdel-Hamid as the first Vice President of Mansoura University for Damietta Branch affairs. Three Colleges - College of Applied Arts, College of Arts and College of Agriculture- are located in the same campus in Alasar district in Damietta. The other five Colleges - The College of Science , The College of Education , The College of Commerce , The College of Specific Education and the College of Physical Education- are scattered in various places in New Damietta City. In addition , there are the Branch’s Administration and Accommodation Admins for Students.
In July 2012, Presidential Decree No. 19 of 2012 establishing Damietta University in New Damietta was issued.

The New University Location

190 (one hundred and ninety) acres have been allocated to set up the campus for Damietta future University. 150 acres of them were received and the procedures to receive the rest of the area are going on. A process to set up the University Wall and the gates was published in a public bid between specialized companies. The Arab Contractors Company won bid. A competition , among specialized consultancy offices , has also been advertised in the newspapers to design a blueprint for Damietta Future University.

The importance of the Location

New Damietta City is characterized by its unique location on the international highway which links the governorates of Dakahlia , Kafr El-Sheikh, Albehera, Port Said and the Canal area. It is also characterized by its natural, industrial and tourism resources. This reflects the important role that could be played by the University branch in Damietta (Damietta University in the future). As there is a wide economic and natural resources diversity in this area , a preparation for distinguished professional and technical individuals is required

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