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Held quality assurance center ‘s executive council no(28).

Quality Unit 04.09.2018 24066

       The executive council of the quality assurance center at the university  was held on Tuesday 4/9/2018  , at 11  :  00 am.  at the council hall of the faculty of science ,with the presence of :-

1.       Prof.dr./Mohamed Ahmed Omran Wadi -  the manager of quality assurance center & the council chairman.

2.       Prof.dr./Mohamed Ismaeil Abu Dobara – vice manager of quality assurance center.

3.       Prof.dr./Talat Mohamed Sahlol – member.

4.        Prof.dr./Reda Mosad Elsaeid – quality expert .

5.       Prof.dr./Hamed Mohamed Emara - member .

6.       Prof.dr./Elsayed Mohamed Mohamed Elmorsy. – member.

7.       Dr./Hazem Reda Elzeky. manager of the Center's Strategic Planning Unit.

8.       Dr./Esam Eldesoky Geba. manager of the Center's Measurement and assessment of performance unit .

9.       Prof.dr./Abdelnaser Anis Abdulwahab . manager of Quality Assurance Unit, Faculty of Education.

10.    Dr./Ahmed Mohamed Elshekha. manager of Quality Assurance Unit, Faculty of Agriculture .

11.    Dr./Amir Sabry Abu Elatta . manager of Quality Assurance Unit, Faculty of Physical Education.

12.    Dr./Haitham Ibrahim Elhadidy. manager of Quality Assurance Unit, Faculty of Applied Arts.

13.    Dr./Mohamed Ahmed Fadl Elhadidy. vice manager of Quality Assurance Unit, Faculty of Arts.

14.    Dr./Dalia Adel Abbas . vice –dean of Education &student affairs at the faculty of Commerce.

15.     Dr./Osama Ali Mohamed Oraby. manager of Quality Assurance Unit, Faculty of Engineering.

16.    Dr./Saleh Soliman Atya . manager of Quality Assurance Unit, Faculty of Archaeology .

At the beginning of the council ,the  chairman welcomed the members and thanked them for their efforts to achieve quality standards. He also thanked the teamwork at Quality Assurance Center on establishing an internal quality control system at the university and its faculties, then discuss the following topics on the agenda:-

1.       Reviewing the Center activities for the academic year 2018/2019.

2.       Strengthening quality assurance processes at Damietta University.

3.       The steps of qualifying the faculties of the university for accreditation or renewal.

4.       Forming team works to support the university’s faculties.

5.       Forming team work for  the university’s self-study .

6.       Issuing some manuals and pamphlets of quality and accreditation processes.

The session ended at 2 : 00 pm.

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