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The portal launches exam schedule for Damietta University on Android

E-Portal 28.05.2022 10044

        The E- portal has launched exam schedule for Damietta University - on the Android system, in accordance with the directions of Prof. / El-Sayed Mohamed Da’dour, President of the University, the necessity of keeping pace with the digital transformation initiative and working to transform the university’s systems into electronic systems, under the supervision of Prof. / Wael Farouk Al-Taibani, Vice President for Education & Student Affairs, the application displays the exams schedules for all the different faculties of the university, which allows students easily identify their exam schedule and save it on their phones, other applications will be launched soon , God willing.

The application can be accessed by entering the Google Store and then searching and writing (exam schedule for Damietta University) Or by clicking on the following link to download the exam from the store.


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